Interview with author Dawn Alice

Last week, I was fortunate enough to meet Dawn Alice, author of the book LIFE LOVE TAROT. She was a guest speaker at my writing group, and I immediately touched by her passion and enthusiasm for her book, the journey of writing, and her experiences with self-publishing. She wasn’t a writer when she first conceived of the idea for her book, but she set herself the task of writing it and learned a lot along the way. Considering that LIFE LOVE TAROT is a book dealing with the journey of life, from birth to death, her experiences in writing itself seemed particularly fitting.

Dawn comes from a background as a Tarot reader, Numerologist, Reiki master, Crystal therapist, and workshop facilitator. She has used her experiences with the Tarot as a prompt for stories about everything from discrimination, fear and ignorance to spirituality, religion and affirmation. 


Welcome, Dawn. How would you describe LIFE LOVE TAROT? What’s it all about?

I see my book as a tool, stimulating thought and action towards a more positive attitude and reaction to life’s challenges. There are no delusions or false promises of complete bliss; the reader receives guidance in a grounded and fun manner through creative exercises, affirmations and meditations. LIFE LOVE TAROTcan be used as both a book to read and enjoy, or as a workbook without the need for a set of Tarot cards, as the Tarot was simply a prop for me. Targeting all those interested in motivation, self-help and inspiration, this book is also just a good read relating to everyday life for all of society.

Several years of reading and teaching the Tarot has taught me – people have been looking for quick fix solutions from outside influences without acknowledging their own inner power. LIFE LOVE TAROT hands the responsibility over to the reader, giving them the opportunity to be illustrators of their own lives as they go through a doorway to understanding life’s journey.

What inspired you to write LIFE LOVE TAROT?

I would have to give credit to my students of Tarot and spiritual development for prompting me to write a book on learning the Tarot. Originally I began to put all of my teaching notes from my Tarot and spiritual classes together for a learn the Tarot book, but became disheartened at a growing number of people coming along for a Tarot reading for the quick fix to life. I then abandoned the Tarot learning book and began LIFE LOVE TAROT, which leans more towards a book of encouragement.

I understand that you’ve had some negative reactions from people because of the word ‘Tarot’ in the title. How do you deal with that? Do you need to understand, or be interested in, the Tarot to enjoy this book?

I had not realized how true the old saying ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ was until I came up against these negative reactions. I simply explain to people that this is a book of life and love written for anybody with an open mind and heart. You do not need to understand the Tarot, nor do you need Tarot cards.

Did you have a particular kind of reader in mind while you were writing Life Love Tarot? Who does it appeal to?

My objective was to have a book that could be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. My main readers would be those who are growing spiritually and emotionally or seeking answers to life’s mysteries. If I could quote a burly truck driver who happened to pick up a copy belonging to his daughter: “Your book touched my heart, it made me cry and laugh.” My aspiration was achieved!

You chose to self-publish this book rather than going through a traditional publisher. Why and how did you decide to do so? Would you do the same again? Did the fact that LIFE LOVE TAROT is a book with a niche market impact on your decision?

After some research I came to the conclusion that self-publishing would be the way to go for a book with a niche market. Although I didn’t send a manuscript to any traditional publishers, I felt that this was my baby, and I wanted to nurture it.

Are you writing another book at the moment?

Yes, I have a few on the back burner. LIFE LOVE TAROT is the first book in the series of ‘This One is to Keep’. I have also adapted the Tarot learning book to Internet Tarot and Numerology classes through my website.

I love the cover art for LIFE LOVE TAROT. Did you design it yourself? Does it have any special significance?

Thank you, yes it has a lot of special significance. The book is dedicated to my daughter, Melanie, who passed away from cancer. Rainbows are a special memento of her. A star speckled sky reminds us of hopes and wishes. I also wanted a road to represent the journey we are all on, and a doorway to illustrate the subtitle: A Doorway to Understanding Life’s Journey. You will notice the grass along the side of the road is patchy indicating that the journey is not always easy.

Where can people learn more about Life Love Tarot and your other work? Do you have a sample chapter/s available to read online?

Yes, I have samples to read on my website. My website is also the best place to order a copy of LIFE LOVE TAROT at this stage.

Thank you, Dawn.

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  1. Thank you for yet another great post on this blog …

    Your interview with Dawn Alice was full of little insights into the mind of a writer.

    From the your introductory comments I was hooked and loved the sensitive style of your writing.

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