Book Review: The Accidental Demon Slayer

It’s never a good day when an ancient demon shows up on your toilet. For Lizzie Brown, that’s just the beginning. Soon her hyperactive terrier starts talking, and her long-lost biker-witch grandma is hurling Smuckers jars filled with magic. Just when she thinks she’s seen it all, Lizzie learns she’s a demon slayer — and all hell is after her.

The first word that springs to mind when I think about this book is ‘fast’. The action begins on the first page, and would finish on the last page, if the book didn’t end with a paragraph designed to act as a segue into book 2 of the series. There are only a few short breathing spaces in the story, and those are full of leopard-print wearing senior citizen witches, road kill spells, a super-sexy shape-shifting griffin, and Pirate, the most adorable talking dog to ever grace the pages of a book.

The Accidental Demon Slayer starts with the opening paragrpah:

When I opened the door to greet my grandmother for the very first time, I’m not sure what I was expecting. I know I hadn’t envisioned an apple-shaped woman in a Kiss My Asphalt T-Shirt, with wind-burned cheeks and a sagging tattoo of a phoenix on her arm. But what I really didn’t bargain for was a brief hug, followed by a forceful shove that had me landing firmly on my butt on the cold, black-and-white checked floor of my hall bathroom.

And the action pretty much gets doing from there. It doesn’t take long before Lizzie is fighting demons, riding on the back of a pink Harley, partaking of a Beast Feast, and dodging the amorous advances of the aforementioned sexy griffin.

I absolutely loved this book. It’s funny, smart, and full of non-traditional characters and interesting world-building. Even the settings are exciting. Lizzie goes from her suburban house, to a biker bar, a haunted riverboat, and then into hell itself. And she does it all with Pirate by her side. (If I had to pick, Pirate would be my favourite character in the book. I just want to give him a hug, and then feed him people-food.)

I loved this book so much that talking about it is difficult. Have you ever been to watch a movie with a real fanboy/fangirl, who’s seen it a dozen times, and keeps wanting to interrupt to tell you about how cool the special effects are, and how funny it was when the actors couldn’t get the scene right, and how there’s a really awesome bit coming up….. now. Well, if I talk about this book too much, that’s what I’m going to sound like.

So, rather than alienating you with my fangirl tendencies, I’m just going to say that you need to read this book. Seriously.

Oh, one thing. Don’t read it if you have an aversion to steamy love scenes. And by love, I mean… well, you know what I mean.


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10 responses to “Book Review: The Accidental Demon Slayer

  1. I need to read this. I have no aversion to “steamy love scenes” nope, no aversion at all:)

  2. As an addendum to this review, let me just note that my husband decided to read the book today, and he read it in one sitting. His responses:

    “Wow, you’re right. This really is fast.”
    “You’re right. That scene is good. Really good. Not cheesy at all. Wow.”
    “I can see why you like Pirate. He’s awesome.”
    “The trouble with this book is that here’s no slow bits. So there’s no point where you can stop reading and put it down.”

  3. I’m definitely going to have to read this book. :0)

  4. I am totally intrigued now and will really have to get this book and soon!

  5. This sounds really good! I wrote down the title of this book on a post-it, absolutely insuring that I would read it. I wish I invented post-its, I’d have made a million dollars off of myself by now. 🙂 Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!!!

  6. Make sure you come back and let me know what you think after you’ve read it!

  7. Well, I guess I’m going to have to read this book. It sounds too good to pass up!

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