Monday’s Top 5

If you’re a writer and you’ve never been to Chuck Wendigs’ blog, Terrible Minds, then you’re seriously missing out. You’re missing out on a large helping of good advice, served with a side of hilarity and a dollop of double-whipped profanity. This week, he wrote about writing myths that need to die in his post Strangling Mermaids.

Speaking of writers, Leanne Baldwin of Rose City Scribe wrote a fabulous article about a day of trials, tribulations, hopes, fears, successes and failures in writing. Check out her post, Back to the Grindstone.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere enjoying your summer, this photo journal from The Surfing Pizza may just inspire you to visit Ocean City. Or to relive your childhood memories of summer. For those of us unlucky enough to be in the midst of winter… well, we can always dream.

Remember that moment as a kid when you realised that your favourite movie character wasn’t real? There’s a great post about this on Twinisms this week, titled My Poor Little Guys.

Finally, please click over to thediaryofanursingstudent and have a read of the post My Beautiful Friend. This post is beautiful, touching, terrifying, and inspiring as the young lady shares her hopes and fears for overcoming depression, anxiety and bulimia. Please support her in her journey.

Happy 4th of July.


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6 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. I love this top five idea! I have come across so many brilliant blogs through this!
    Also, thank you for mentioning my blog! It means a lot, and I love that people are getting the opportunity to follow my journey as I overcome this terrible illness. Keep writing, I look forward to your posts. xoxo

    • You’re very welcome. You keep writing, too. You have a beautiful way of expressing the way you feel, and I look forward to the day when this journey reaches its happily ever after.

  2. Thank you for the shout out! Also thanks for the top 5 list, I love finding new blogs to read:)

  3. I just discovered your link to my post, so forgive me for not thanking you sooner, Jo. And thank you for sharing the other wonderful links in your post.

    • I didn’t link it for thanks, Leanne. I linked it because it was such a great post, and really covered all the different hopes and fears that a writer experiences almost every day.
      You’re welcome, though. 🙂

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