Monday’s Top 5

First off the rank this week is yet another fabulous post on The Other Side of the Story titled Write What They Don’t Know: Manipulating Your Readers for Better Plots. In this article, Janice Hardy talks about building tension in scenes where something could go wrong, even if you already know that it won’t.

Stephen A. Watkins of The Undiscovered Author wrote a fantastic post about The Depths of Genre, where he looks at the classification, sub-classification, and sub-sub-classification of modern Speculative Fiction, why it’s happening, and who it benefits. This is definitely worth a read for anyone writing or reading spec fic.

The Logophile (yes, there’s more than one of us!) wrote an interesting post over at The Files of a Logophile titled Overbloggers Anonymous. She talks about how those people who write a blog post every day to fill an imaginary quota may need a 12 step program to overcome their addiction.

If you’re a parent, (or you may one day be a parent), (or you’ve got parents) and you haven’t yet been to Bedtimes are for Suckers!, you’re seriously missing out. This week, 4-year-old Lily discovers that her Mom Wrote a Sh*tty Review of her Pretend Restaurant.

Finally, I shouldn’t even need to explain why you’d like to go and read this post on The G is Silent. The title should be enough: K-Y Jelly Made my Parents Semi-Famous.


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9 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. OH MY GOSH!! Thank you so much for the shout out! I feel almost as famous as my parents now.

  2. Noah's Gramma

    We liked to consider ourselves “famous” rather then “Semi;Famous”; but we will wait for Ellen to call. Thanks for the reference to our daughter’s blog. She is great!

  3. Thanks Jo. I just came around to check my blog- I was so surprised! My computers conked out and I’m afraid they will never work the same, if at all. So now I got a computer to check what happened with my blog over the week and I was so excited for my shout out. Thanks again.

  4. I can’t wait to read these! Thanks for always leading me to great blogs!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out again. 🙂

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