Weekly Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up 15

The good news: I’m well and truly back on the wagon/jeep of 100 Words for 100 Days. It’s Day 9 today, and I’m doin’ fine. Thanks to everyone for your support last week, and for sharing your own joys and woes.

The bad news: I only managed to add an extra 900 words to my WIP this week.

Okay, that’s not all that bad. That’s 900 words I didn’t have before, and I’ve only committed to 100 words a day. It’s also more time-consuming to rack up word count than normal, because I’m writing & editing chapters 2 & 3 after they went off in the wrong direction, so I take some comfort in that.

Plus, I’ve worked on revising a short story, and I also wrote the flash fiction piece Bite Me which I posted yesterday, and that took some of my writing time.

I’m feeling pretty happy with my writing at the moment, and just need to find some more time in which to do it! I’m also meeting up with my writing-buddy on Sunday, which gives me a good chance to drink coffee, talk writing, and swap critiques. Can’t wait!


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7 responses to “Weekly Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up 15

  1. Um, Jo? If you get any more busy you’re going to burst into flame.

  2. I’m sorry, if you’re aiming for 100 words a day, then achieving 100 words a day doesn’t count as bad news. 🙂

  3. I agree with, Anthony, but then again, I have a hard time telling myself that 100 words is acceptable even if it is my goal. 😉 I wrote 130 words one night because I’ve been incredibly busy, and that’s all I could manage. I was disappointed in myself, but then again, at least I met my goal. I sometimes have mixed feelings about reaching 100 words. Glad your doing better!

  4. More powerful that I could imagine? I have a character who’s omnipotent and omniscient, so I can imagine a lot. 🙂

    (My first thought was Gandalf, but then I got the real reference. Revealed, your geek-ness is!)

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