Monday’s Top 5

Welcome to a new week! Links Ahoy!

Please, please, please go and visit the amazing Brian D. Buckley, for his Sixteen Simple Rules for Writers. Starting with number 1: Keep in tune with the publishing world by reading blogs, following agents on Twitter, etc. Also: avoid anything that distracts you from writing, especially the Internet. They rules are funny, contradictory, and true. You’ll love ’em.

Eliza Keller has a fantastic post about Running. No, wait. Hear me out. It’s a really inspiring story of when she realised she was a Runner, as opposed to just someone-who-runs. She takes that lesson and applies it to her desire to be a Writer.

Everywhere I look at the moment, someone is writing about the End of Borders as though it’s the End of Days. You’re probably sick of the whole thing by now, right? Oh. Well, don’t get off that train just yet. I’ve got one more must-read post for you. Head over to The Epicurean Inkblot and check out  Bye, Bye, Borders. Blot talks about how the end of Borders is really just part of the great circle of life.

I lied. One more Borders-themed link. (This is it, I promise.)

Last week I mentioned that I’d come across a new blog called C’Mere! Whatcha dooin?  and I was loving it. Well, this week K. Marie Criddle turned her sketching to an as-yet unanswered post-Borders question: What will I do instead of grocery shopping now?

Last but not least, The Surfing Pizza fondly remembers his obsession with Mister Ed. Five Nostalgia Points to anyone who immediately started singing, “A horse is a horse, of course, of course….”


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4 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. Well, that pushed me over the edge…I finally added the C’mere blog to my regular reads. 🙂

  2. Thank you for thinking of me:)

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