Can’t Talk. Writing.

I bet you’ve been waiting all week to hear how my less-blogging-more-writing experiment went. Right?

Oh, you forgot all about it?

Damn. Stupid internet making me feel popular.

To recap, last week I decided to cut out 2 blog posts a week in order to attempt to spend more time writing my novel. I’d only written 700 and 1000 words respectively in the last two weeks, and wanted to achieve closer to 5000 words a week if I was going to hit my goal of finishing my first draft by the end of October. So, did it work?

Yes and no.

This week I wrote 1800 words. Am I happy with that. Uh… yes, actually. (1) It’s an improvement, (2) It’s an improvement, and (3) It’s an improvement. Oh, and I’ve also had a crazy-busy week.

In writing news, not only did I write 1800 words, I also critiqued 2 short stories for a friend, wrote a flash fiction piece, did some editing of a short story I wrote a while back, and did a happy dance.

“A happy dance?” I hear you say.

My story A Rose by Any Other Name was chosen to be part of an anthology of short speculative fiction put together by the Stringybark competition. Now, this is a love-only publication, rather than a paid publication, but I don’t care about that right now. Let me enjoy my moment. And to make things even more exciting, the amazing Jody Moller also has a story in the anthology. Clearly we both rock.

In other news, it’s been a busy week (with a lot of focus on non-writing activities) for the following reasons:

(1) My husband was working night shift, which always throws the house into a small measure of chaos. Can you have a “small measure” of chaos? Is that like being a “bit pregnant”?

(2) I decided that now was the perfect time to start exercising on a daily basis. I was going to go back to jogging, but have decided that a brisk walk in the evenings is a nice end to the day, and gives my brain time to chill out.

(3) I also decided to cut back on my wine drinking. This is harder than items 1 and 2 put together.

(4) Oh, and I realised that I really needed to work at getting a part-time job, so have spent a lot of time doing that. Stupid need for financial security.

So, all things considered, I’m quite happy with my efforts. Now, I must be on my way. I have half an hour until the kids will be up, and I need to get some writing done.


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12 responses to “Can’t Talk. Writing.

  1. I have all these big plans, but they require more writing. More than I’m doing on a daily basis right now. I really want to be one of those uber-prolific writers. Must pull self away from internets!

    I’m glad to hear your word count is up! The flash fiction and the critique might not show up as word count in your WIP, but you are building up your writer muscles.

    • Oh, I’d love to be uber-prolific as well. Love, love, love to be. I remember the pre-child days, when I could pull 10,000 word days when I was home from work, and just wish I’d made better use of my time back then.

      And you’re so right about building up writer muscles. I obviously don’t count blog posts, flash fiction, editing, etc in my word count, but they’re all part of writing, and they all help in one way or another.

  2. Hurrah! Thanks for the mention. I am so completely stoked about getting by story published (I don’t care about the money it’s my first published work of fiction – ever, so obviously I am a bit excited). Sounds like you had a fairly productive week. I managed to go all of July with alcohol (for once I successfully completed the dreaded Dry July) but have been back to a glass a night since August started – but I’m celebrating right?

    • Wow. I don’t think I’d survive Dry July… Well, I say that, but it was only 6 months ago that Baby was born, and I didn’t drink at all when I was pregnant. I guess I just need a good reason to lay off the alcomahol.

      (I’d gone up to almost a bottle a night, thus the cutting back!)

  3. Congratulations on the publication, money or not! That’s great news. I have not used Smashwords yet, but I’ll check it out. I’ve been plotting away on the second half of my WIP. No news on anything else, but I still have some queries and proposals out.

  4. Congratulations on the story! That’s great news. You and Jody do indeed rock!

    And I think a brisk walk is the best thing we can do for ourselves. It really does a lot of good, mentally and physically.

  5. Congrats on all fronts! The increased word count is wonderful.

    I haven’t read your flea market story yet – still working my way through the others on Wendig’s site – but looking forward to getting there soon.

    • It’s a bit of a full-time job reading all the stories each week, isn’t it?

      I think I may have fallen prey to exactly what you were talking about in your ‘Tetris’ post with this story, though. My words didn’t really encapsulate the idea I had in my head as well as I thought they would. But I still enjoyed trying something different.

  6. Hurray, Jo, for your word count and productivity and the story coming out! And for being in an anthology with Jody. Very cool. And you’ve inspired me to think about slowing down my blogging at some point in the near future to make some more space for my novel–at least until I get this first draft hammered out. We’ll see. You have me thinking. But I don’t post as nearly as often as you, and I’ve really enjoyed doing it three times a week.

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