Exciting Writing

I’ve had a much more successful week this week. Finally. I’m on Day 37 of the 100 Words for 100 Days Challenge, and seem to be slipping into a better routine/habit with my writing. Part of that may be because I’m starting to get to the “interesting” part of my novel. Which is not to say the rest hasn’t been interesting. It has. I’ve had goblins, and enchantments, and guns, and a clumsy PI. But now that I’m in the meat of the novel, I’m building towards my first magical fight.

Quick side-question: According to my husband, magic has to be “flashy” to be interesting. He grew up on Magic Missiles and Fireballs, and then transitioned to Dresden’s blasting rod, so I know the kind of “flashy” he means. But I tend towards a more subtle type of magic in my stories — cursed items, disguise spells, “charm person” enchantments and the like. What do you think? How much flash do you expect out of Urban Fantasy magic?

I’ve done some editting of my first draft this week (I’m sure I wrote something recently about the importance of not doing that!) and so lost word count when I hacked and slashed some pointless prose, but I’ve still finished 1900 words up on last week. It may not be 5000 a week, but I’m doing a heck of a lot better than I have been lately!

I had four people volunteer to read my short story last week, and have had two people come back to me with their thoughts and feedback so far. They’ve both been a great help, and I’m looking forward to getting all the feedback in so I can get started on some reworking. Yay for feedback! I also wrote another flash fiction story for Chuck Wendig’s weekly competition.

And in further excitement, I’ve booked my tickets for the Brisbane Writer’s Festival this year. I’m so excited. This will actually be my first time going to the festival, and I’m already counting the sleeps. (Only 23 to go!) For anyone interested, I’m attending a couple of workshops/masterclasses (The Australian Writer’s Marketplace Industry Masterclass and Tell Me a Story: How to Find Your Voice) as well as 4 ticketed sessions and 1 free session. I can’t wait!

I’ve also been thinking about Writing Retreats after hearing about Laura Stanfill‘s recent expedition, and wondering about the wisdom of partaking in one myself. Would it be a valuable chance for me to focus on my novel? Or is leaving my husband and two boys alone for an extended period of time (ie. more then 6 hours) just a recipe for disaster? So far, I’m undecided.


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4 responses to “Exciting Writing

  1. In answer to your question, the “paranormal” things in my writing (not “magic,” exactly) are mostly subtle. No flashes of light or explosions. The one time that a character goes all Gandalf (gesturing with her “staff” and speaking portentously), it’s to frighten some yokels who expect magic to look like that.

    Also, the two options you mention in the last paragraph (“valuable chance” vs. “recipe for disaster”) are not mutually exclusive. It could easily be both. 🙂

  2. About flash vs. subtlety in magic, I agree with Anthony above. If you consider that most interesting books manage the feat without any magic at all, I think it’s clear that magic can be as subtle as you like. Consider the scene in LotR where a defeated Saruman tries to sweet-talk Gandalf. No flash at all, but a great scene nonetheless.

  3. Subtle magic is more appealing to me. I think in-your-face magic is gimmicky, while subtle magic would tell you more about the story and the characters.

  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on flash vs subtle. I feel rather vindicated.

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