BWF: Brisbane Writer’s Festival Wrap-Up

I’ve spent almost a week thinking about writing this wrap-up of the Brisbane Writer’s Festival. I attended two days full of seminars and events, and had a blast. While it would be great to be able to just say, “It was awesome! Make sure you come next year!”, I really want to review some of the sessions I attended, and talk about the pearls of wisdom I collected.

As my husband can attest, this process takes a while. (He very patiently listened to me re-enact each and every session I attended, with added commentary on my own thoughts.) So I was caught in a conundrum. Do I just relate a few of my favourite events? Do I try to blow-by-blow everything? Do I simply transcribe the 60 pages of notes that I took? How can I do this amazing event justice, without boring everyone silly?

In the end, I’ve decided to relate my adventure in bite-size pieces. Below, you’ll find a list of the posts I intend to write. As I do so, I’ll link them back to (and from) this post. I might post one of these a week, or several in a day. All in all, I’ll try to walk the middle road between spamming everyone with writing news and taking six months to review the event.

I’m also happy to answer questions, and will take requests on which order to write these posts. If there’s something you’re interested in hearing about, let me know!


Session Reviews:*

Book Reviews:**


* AWM stands for Australian Writer’s Marketplace.

** These are the books purchased (and autographed***) at the BWF by either myself or the friend who accompanied me.

*** They were autographed by the authors. Not by us. That would be silly.


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6 responses to “BWF: Brisbane Writer’s Festival Wrap-Up

  1. I’m going to a writing conference in October, and all the workshops I wanted occurred at the same time. I’m only one person! This year I’m going to study the schedule and make the tough choices ahead of time instead of winging it. I look forward to learning about what you picked up!

  2. I always get energy from writer’s seminars. Let’s hear more.

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