Monday’s Top 5

This week’s Top 5 starts with a couple of questions.

Billie Jo Woods asks: What if there was no such thing as imagination? This is the first in a series of ‘what if?’ posts that she’s writing, and definitely worth a visit. I’m sure she’d love your thoughts on what the world would be like without imagination.

Meanwhile, Brian Buckley asks: Why don’t men leave comments? I’ve also noticed that women are more inclined to comment on posts than men, and speculated on Brian’s post on why this may be. If you’ve got your own opinion on why this would be, or if you’ve had a different experience, click over and share your views. (Wouldn’t it be great if more men than women commented on the post about women commenting more than men? Or is that just me?)

Bridget of Twinisms had me in awe as I read about the adventures she had becoming part of the Order of the Yellow Garter. Seriously amazing. Let me set the scene for you: The day started with her putting on her husband’s uniform, and meeting up with a group of similarly-dressed Cavalry wives.

Erin DeVincenzo guest blogged on Momma By Thy Name this week, and shared her ideas for some fantastic new inventions that should be… uh, invented. Anyone with kids will recognise the huge market for the Car Potty, but what do you think of the Extendo Arm, the Yes-No Button and the Conveyor Belt?

Finally, let’s take a hop, skip and a jump over to Vegas. My Vegas is a fairly new vlog of documentaries (mockumentaries?) put together by a news team consisting of teenagers Anchor 16, Anchor 13 and Anchor 11. This week they look at Vegas’s haunted houses in Operation Bust a Ghost. Seriously cute.


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3 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. When I opened this post in my email and saw my name I yelled, “YES!” Weird, since I was in a parking lot in my car! Thanks for the shout out. Hooah!!

  2. What a great blog posts round-up! I just headed over and checked them all out. I love the inventions in particular and could really see a marketing niche for them. Thanks for the inclusion.

  3. Thanks so much for including us in your top five! You rock 🙂

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