Monday’s Top 5

I remember once, a long time ago, someone asked me what the point of fiction was. Why waste your time reading (let alone writing) novels when nonfiction is so much more instructive? It wasn’t a mean or spiteful question. They were just curious. They didn’t get it.

I didn’t write that, but I easily could have. Last year I had a discussion with my sister that more or less mirrored the one Brian Buckley relates in his excellent post Why Fiction Matters. He even manages to answer the question, which is better than I did at the time.

This next link is especially for all the writers and artists out there. I was pointed to this list via Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog, but the original post is by Keri Smith. I give you: How to Feel Miserable as an Artist (or, What Not To Do).

Yet again, I found myself giggling away at Speaker7 on Ramblings and Rumblings. This week she solves the problem of Christmas shopping with her post Two Front Teeth Would Be Preferable.

Ever step into the shower, turn on the water, and then disappear into a haze of semi-comatose enjoyment until either the hot water runs out or someone barges into the bathroom demanding to know what’s taking you so long? Yeah… me neither. But Mr. Will “NailsBails” Bailey has, and he has the answer to all of our his problems: one of them fancy workin’ robots. Check out Kafka on the Shower.

Finally, Stephanie of Momma Be Thy Name has written a beautiful post titled In My Dream. If you’re a Stay-At-Home-Parent (or even a working parent) and can’t relate to this on some level, I’d suggest you tie on your cape and pull your undies on over the top of your pants.


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3 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. Momma Be Thy Name

    Thank you so much for the acknowledgement! Feedback from my peers is invaluable!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go pull my undies up over my pants.

  2. Thanks for the link! I might have to buy you some peace tables as a thank you.

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