BWF: Global Publishing Trends

Session: Australian Writer’s Marketplace Industry Masterclass – Part 2: Global Publishing Trends

Panelists: Melanie Ostell (Australian Publisher) and Christine Jordis (Senior Editor, Gallimard France)

This session seemed to drag a bit, and I’m not really sure what it was supposed to be about. Rather, I believe it was supposed to be about how global trends in publishing affects Australian publishing and authors in general. But really, it was two ladies talking about how to write a book that will sell.

Both Melanie and Christine were very interesting. They each had some good advice. But the session didn’t really touch on anything to do with global publishing trends.

Nonetheless, Christine Jordis had a very interesting perspective on what publishers are looking for, and how to provide it. (This is as close to a word-for-word quote as I could get with a notebook and pen, so my apologies if anyone reading was at the session and doesn’t think I got it exactly right.)

Publishers are looking for something different. We are looking for novelty; for something unique.

You need something new to offer. But often, the only thing that’s different is your voice. You are different to other writers. Always include yourself.

The best novelty in a book is you: the unique person you are. Don’t hesitate to be yourself.

But be yourself after ten drafts.

What great sentiments, don’t you think?

Overall, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this session, but I also didn’t get a lot out of it. I would have loved to get a better idea of global trends and so forth, and was disappointed not to learn anything along those lines.

Rating: 3/5


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7 responses to “BWF: Global Publishing Trends

  1. Sigh. Publishers always say they want sonething new and different–but what they really seem to buy (most of the time, anyway) is what is selling regularly. I think she was right about voice, though–that seems to make the difference.

    • I know it makes a difference to me as a reader, so I’m sure it makes a difference to publishers. And it’s really one of those aspects of writing that can’t be taught so much as encouraged.

  2. ava

    Not a writer but what an insightful quote. Too bad the session didn’t deliver on the topic/s they picked.

    • Yeah, I found that with a few of the sessions. I got the impression that, in some cases, the speakers weren’t really told what they were supposed to be talking about until they arrived. But at least I still got some great info!

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