Sing a Song of… What?

Big Brother fancies himself a bit of a rock star. He was given this guitar/amp/microphone set by his grandparents last Christmas, and has been practicing* ever since. He’s recently started writing his own songs to go with his mad guitar skillz.

Dear <Baby>
I really love you
I love you so much
I really do
I really love to dance with you
But I can’t
Because you’re too little
But that’s okay
Because I like dinosaurs and racing cars

As you can see, his song-writing is almost at the same standard as many world-famous singer/songwriters.

Last week he came up with a gem. If you’ve ever wondered how little boys think… this won’t help at all. But I definitely think there’s something in this for everyone.

Dear Henry the Horse
I really love you
I love you so much
But my farmer’s wife doesn’t like horses
But that’s okay
I locked my wife in the shed I built for the cows
Now you can stay here for a hundred days

* Practicing (v): The act of strumming an out-of-tune toy guitar as hard and fast as possible, with the volume turned up to maximum.


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14 responses to “Sing a Song of… What?

  1. ava

    Base from the new definition of the word practicing, I imagine what a riot time you have had or is still having. πŸ™‚ Cute. cute. cute.

  2. ava

    And I see you have one little boy who’d make a run for your money on verse creation! πŸ˜‰

  3. My oldest niece recently made her up own song. Most of the time it’s screaming “I love you! I don’t love you!” repeatedly and at the top of her lungs. On rare occasions we get a gem like, “Twinkle, twinkle little toes. How I wonder where you goes.”

    I love the last song btw!

  4. I’m not sure what I love more his lyrical genius or his rock star outfit.

    I think we could start a boy band with these kids. Then you and I could live a life of luxury off their earnings.

  5. Wow! That is so funny! Where do their little minds go??? They are such a study to sit back and listen to. He is so creative Jo. Bec x

  6. Thanks Jo – I really enjoyed this post. My Little Chap is similar though within the bounds of being an almost three year old and not having the guitar/amp kit (thankfully!) – he does have a drum (!) complete with shakers, tambourine etc which is quite enough for this mum’s ears I can tell you! You’re a brave woman πŸ™‚

    • The Christmas before Big Brother turned 3, my parents gave him a “music set” that included a dram, tamborine, 4 different shakers, 3 plastic recorders, and a harmonica.
      The Christmas before Big Brother turned 4, my parents gave him a guitar & amp set.
      Did I mention that my parents live a good 7 hours drive away from our place? πŸ™‚

      All that being said, aren’t they just adorable when they play their music and sing along?

  7. I got one word: Youtube. Or is it two? You Tube. In any case, if Justin Bieber can make a hit out of “Baby, baby, baby-oh” then why not “I locked my wife in the shed I built for the cows”? Genius, that boy.

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