Flash Fiction: 100 Word Romance

The writing prompt over at TerribleMinds this week a 100 word story on the theme of ‘bullies’ or ‘bullying’ in honour of Spirit Day. I sat down and tried to writing something, but failed miserably. It’s not that I don’t have a plethora of material to work with — I was bullied every school day for 10 years of my life. But even now, 17 years after graduating high school, the emotional wounds are too raw to be used for fiction without the facts weighing down my story.

But I didn’t want to let all my “fans” down by not writing anything this week, so I challenged myself to write something else outside my comfort zone – a 100 word story with a romantic theme.  This is quite different to my usual writing, so I’d love to hear your thoughts. (Note: For best effect, try reading this story out loud.)

My Lover, My Lady

 I wake and listen to her song. It is more a sigh than a shout this morning. I smile. She seems placid, but beneath her serenity I sense a coming storm.

This won’t be the first we’ve seen in sixty years.

I first saw her the summer I turned sixteen. I was young, inexperienced, searching for something to satisfy the longings I didn’t understand. She seduced me with ease and experience and I promised I’d be hers.

But years pass and my spirit grows weary. My last wish is to die in her embrace.

My lover, my lady.

The sea.


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7 responses to “Flash Fiction: 100 Word Romance

  1. Hi I couldn’t face the whole bully/bullying thing either – seems so bleak and so many of the pieces are set in school………….
    I didn’t want to go back there.
    This piece is very different to your usual stuff, almost a poem, its wistful.
    I grew up on the coast so any thing to do with the ocean draws me in.
    I lkied it!

  2. I’ll agree with BJ Kerry: this was almost poetic.

    I wonder why the sea gets characterized so often as a lover. I’ve never had that particular affinity for the sea. I understand its allure… but to me the allure is one of adventure and excitement – not one that can be described in terms of “love”.

    It’s bizarrely serendipitous, though, that I wrote recently about bullying on my blog – I’d never heard of “Spirit Day” before, so I wasn’t planning to coincide with anything. It was just a topic I’d been thinking about.

  3. I read it out loud like you suggested. Good call! I’m not even sure I would have noticed that if I’d read silently. 🙂

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