Monday’s Top 5

Happy Halloween to all those celebrating today. (I won’t be, for reasons I stated here.) But keeping to the spirit of history and tradition that surrounds the holiday, I would like to direct you to a great post from Alan Baxter about the history of Halloween: More than Candy.

Brian D. Buckley impressed again this week with his list of essential behaviours if you’re going to be a struggling artist full of self-loathing. Hating Yourself: A Guide is full of great advice if you want to dramatically and permanently decrease your self-esteem.

Speaking of advice, Vivacia shares the Top 10 Things I Learned Writing a First Draft on A Wannabe Writer’s Blog. (Note: This advice is both serious and helpful.)

Connor Rickett of Cities of the Mind shares his experience when he takes a break from writing to watch the sun rise from the top of a nearby hill. While there, he witness something that inspires him to write:

I just don’t get this obsession with half-experiencing things. Not just missing them because they’re inconvenient, which is somewhat forgivable, but inconveniencing yourself in order to miss them, like this guy. It’s like paying extra to fly coach.

This blog is such a regular in my Top 5 lists, speaker7 should need no introduction. On Ramblings and Rumblings this week, she blogs about an invention that will change the world as we know it. Click through and read all about being Forever Immobolized in Fleece. Here’s a little sample of what to expect:

I feel that this invention is up there with the printing press, lightbulb and Paris Hilton in terms of how it will revolutionize life as we know it. We are now this close (put your thumb and index finger about a tenth of an inch away) to being the humans in Wall-E.


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6 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. Good choices. I especially liked the one about first drafts. I even commented (I don’t always comment on Blogspot blogs, because they usually don’t like my logins, but my new Google Plus login seems to work). I don’t write outlines or plan my characters, but I do agree with this: Don’t read over what you just wrote. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the shout-out. I would have thanked you earlier but I was wrapped in cocoon of fleece.

  3. speaker7 is the poop (wrapped in fleece).
    NOTE: Poop in this context is defined as “extremely good”.

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