Getting Motivated is the Easy Part. How do you Stay That Way?

If you’re a writer, it’s likely that you know all about obscure poisons starting fires mythological creatures motivation.Specifically, how hard it can be to keep your motivation strong throughout a whole project — from Chapter 1 to The End. It’s all too common that we get a little way into the story and then– oooh! Shiny!

What was I saying?

Right, this post is not about keeping your motivation going strong. This post is.

I’m pleased to say that I’m guest blogging over at Andrea S. Michaels’s writing-focused blog today. If you’re a writer*, please click through and read my post: Staying Focused from Page 1 to The End. And while you’re there, check out the rest of Andrea’s blog. It’s well worth the visit.

* If you’re not a writer but you think everything I write is like gold dipped in honey, you’re also welcome to click through. I’m sure these motivational techniques can be applied to non-writing activities as well.

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