Monday’s Top 5 (Tis the Season for Blogging Awards)

I’m going to assume that December is the month for sharing the Blogging Goodwill through awards. I have to do that or my ego will explode. This week I’ve been awarded another 3 awards. So before we start, let me say a big thank you to the following bloggers:

Jim Franklin of Zombie Chimp awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award. Jim has a great blog that is equal parts writing and computer/console gaming. While I’m not into gaming myself, I know a lot of people who are (my husband included), and I find that reading his non-writing posts is like having my own gaming crib sheet.

Emma of Mayfair Mum awarded me the Versatile Blogger award. Mayfair Mum is a great blog, focused mainly on parenting and the life of a down-to-earth Mum living in the UK. In Mayfair, I assume. Emma is also a writer, and brings her own unique voice and style to her blogging. 

Kay Hudson also awarded me the Versatile Blogger award. Kay is… one of those people who truly are one in a million. I am profoundly grateful to have run across her in the blogosphere. She largely blogs about the books she’s reading, the ones she’s writing, and her experiences with the RWA. In times past, she was an archaeologist, and I can’t help but imagine her as some kind of well-read, immaculately groomed, romance-writing, female Indiana Jones.

Thanks again to all three of you. I highly recommend everyone else click through to check out their blogs (if you don’t follow them already).

Once again, I’m going to ignore the part of the award that says I should tell you about myself. First, this is my blog: that’s all I ever do. Second, I’ve done it before. But I am going to award the bloggers on my Top 5 list the:

Kreativ Versatility Squared Award

Jim Franklin of Zombie Chimp shares his Ten Tips of NaNo Novel Writing. After participating in (and winning) his first NaNoWriMo in November, Jim has some fantastic tips to share. Not the all-too-common “I just copied and pasted song lyrics to make my word count ha ha ha” NaNo advice. This is really good stuff. And although these are all things Jim learned during NaNo, the advice is good all year round. My personal favourite?

The plot is your bitch not your pimp, it works for you and not the other way around.

Patrick O’Duffy has a short Q & A with YA author Foz Meadows. This is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever read. Not because I’m a fan of Foz Meadows (I admit that I’d never heard of her before), or because of the way she sells her book, but because the conversation turns to a discussion of YA as a genre (is it really a genre at all?) and the social issues surrounding YA fiction these days. For example:

I find it hard to say sincerely what attracts me to YA fiction, because as much as I’ve just been calling it a genre, it also sort of isn’t. No other genre has its conventions gauged by the status of its (supposed) intended readership, because such a factor has nothing to do with narrative structure and everything to do with backward inference. Saying ‘geek fiction’ instead of SFF, for instance, conveys information about who, in my subjective estimation, such books are written for, but nothing about what they actually say.

Stephanie from Momma Be Thy Name has put together an amazing event in the lead-up to Christmas — Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas. This involves 12 guest posts, Elf Pack giveaways (all you have to do is comment on a Christmas post), and a whole heap of fun. I’m pleased to say that I will be providing some of that fun next weekend when I reveal my Tips for Surviving a Hot Christmas.  In the meantime, I highly encourage you to check out Momma Be Thy Name for your daily dose of Christmas spirit. (Although I warn you, it’s not likely to be all sugar plums and candy canes.) Today’s guest blogger is Mommy Rotten with her post: Santa Claus: Kind of an Asshole. Enjoy.

Critters and Crayons is a blog written by an amazing freelance writer and mother of two adorable children. Two adorable children who had a Rapid Lesson in Sharing this week. This story is simply written and I could pictured every moment of it. She had me from the opening line:

This morning, we awoke to noise. The toy cash register was at the heart of a loud sharing battle between our three and four year olds.

Finally, as the mother of two boys, I am painfully aware of exactly how true this post is. Tony of Stuff Boys Do shares lesson #31 in parenting boys: they Use WAY Too Much. Of what? Of everything.

Congratulations on winning the Kreativ Versatility Squared Award. Please do with it as you will.

Also, I’d like to finish by saying a HUGE Happy Birthday to the December 12 Saggitarians in my life:

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, supportive husband who turned 38 today.

Happy Birthday to my Mum, who doesn’t read my blog but is amazing nonetheless.


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15 responses to “Monday’s Top 5 (Tis the Season for Blogging Awards)

  1. critters and crayons

    Aw, Thanks, Jo- Is there a button for the Kreative Versatile Blogger Squared Award? Actually, I’m also behind on writing a post for the Liebster Award and three more awards of the Versatile Blogger Award so I guess mine will be the Kreative Liebster Versatile Blogger to the Fourth Degree Award and I’ll make a button for it, totally. haha! Thank you so much for your kindest of words about my small blog. It’s very uplifting. I love yours so- because it brings people up and because you are a beautiful writer.

    • I truly wish there was a button. Sadly, my button-making ability is comparable to my time-travel ability. Which is to say, non-existent. (I’ll stick to writing words, and let more qualified people stick to designing non-wordy things.)

      I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your button for the Kreativ Liebster Versatile Blogger to the Fourth Degree. Also, that should be the title of someone’s blog.

  2. You deserve all these awards and more!

    I can’t wait to read about that asshole Santa;)

  3. As always, I love coming here and finding wonderful content to check out. And congrats on all the awards, Jo!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Jo. As for the Indiana Jones image, I’m afraid American archeology isn’t quite that exciting, although I’ve run into a few snakes now and then. Spiders. Once I came face to face with an equally surprised white tail buck whose antlers probably weren’t nearly as impressive as they seemed at that moment. Fortunately he had somewhere else to be, and not much interest in me. Mostly, sigh, it was just dirt, in one form or another. I have a whole cabinet full of pictures of dirt.

    • Kay! You’re ruining my romantic image of you with cold, hard facts! Stop that immediately!

      I wrote the first couple of chapters of an adventure novel a few years ago with an archaeologist protag. He was profoundly disappointed that his degree didn’t come with a complentary hat and whip, and that there was a lot less tomb-raiding work available than he would have liked — so he took to seeing the world as an adventure movie and reacted accordingly.

  5. Sorry it’s taken so long to thank you for the award, things have been rather manic of late.

    Oh, and if you do want to time travel, all you have to do is learn how to do it in the future then go back in time to the ‘now’ you and tell yourself how to do it.

    I haven’t tried it, but a similar thing worked in the Bill & Ted movie, which is almost like real-life… sort of…

    Hmmmm. Sorry, I’ve had too much coffee and cake today.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

      Ah, Bill and Ted… One of my favourite movies of all time. Back before Keanu got to save the world, and he was more interested in saving himself from an Alaskan military school.

      I also quite liked the “time travel clause” the The Big Bang Theory’s room-mate agreement.

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  7. critters and crayons

    Jo- I created the button. 🙂 It’s on my site. Feel free to grab it. haha!

      • critters and crayons

        Not really- It’s kind of tongue-in-cheek….I’m so very thankful for any award I get from fellow bloggers! I made it so that some folks could close the loop on their umpteenth award. That might be a breach of etiquette. haha! I like your idea of consolidating the award post response so I borrowed your idea….

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