Walking with Big Brother: Easy as ABC

Not too far from where we live, there’s a 5km long walking track through some beautiful parkland. It incorporates a lot of riverside walking, a dog park (with obstacle course), a basketball court, skate ramps, and a delightful swimming/fishing pond complete with ducks to feed. I like to go walking/jogging there, and soak up as much of the outside world as possible. The boys like to see the birds, feed the ducks, and generally do outdoorsy boy things.

Last week, my 4-year-old was feeling a bit cooped up after some uncharacteristically hot weather (yes, it’s summer here in the southern hemisphere) and so I left Baby at home with my husband and took Big Brother for a special walk. To keep us bothΒ him entertained, I suggested we play the ABC game: Let’s find something that starts with A, then something that starts with B, etc etc. And I stupidly bravely decided to take photos of everything we found.

Big Brother ran out of patience for the game at about N, but I felt rather obligated to continue the game all the way to the end. (Otherwise my photographic journey would be incomplete!) I hope you enjoy our ABC walk.

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14 responses to “Walking with Big Brother: Easy as ABC

  1. What fun, and such great photos! I love the shadow one in particular, and was amazed by the size of those ants. I’ll have to remember this great idea for when our weather gets a little better. I think my 4-year-old would love it!

  2. Love!! You know, I’ve never seen a real lilypad before! I especially liked Up. Dunno why; just did. Great job!

  3. This is a great eXercise for younger kids. Thanks for sharing, and great job with the photos.

  4. Fun game! I’m impressed he made it to N! I’m even more impressed that you kept going:)

  5. The ABC game is an excellent idea! I have a couple of grand nieces and nephews who are starting learning English and next time we meet face-to-face, I’ll have to remember The ABC Game. The photos are lovely, too!

    • Big Brother really enjoyed it, and still talks about the different pictures we took for the letters. He’s started thinking of alternatives now so that we can do another ABC walk soon. I’m sure your grand nieces and nephews will love it just as much.

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