Monday’s Top 10

I know, I know, I promised to catch up on last week’s Top 5. But by the time I’d read all the previous week’s posts it was Thursday, and I had another 90 new blog posts sitting there to be read, and it was just all too hard. So I decided to just move on and give you a double dose of linky goodness this week with the Top 10 posts I’ve read over the last two weeks. I hope you enjoy.

Billie Jo Woods explores her writing process in Ogres Have Layers and Novel Writing Does Too. What do you think — do you “pants” it all the way through, or do you write in carefully planned layers?

Alexandra Sokoloff (a fantastic author who draws on her experience in screenwriting for her novels) posted about Key Story Elements and Lessons from Musical Theatre. I’m a very auditory learner, and being able to put all the parts of a story into the context of exciting musical performances really works for me. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Aly Hughes has a weekly “vs” column where she looks at two different ways to do something and compares/contrasts the two. Last week she tackled the Hand Writing vs Typing debate with some interesting points. Personally, I’m more comfortable typing than hand writing — but only because my handwriting looks like a frog fell in blue ink, splotched across a page and then died an ignoble death. Also, typing is quicker. What about you?

My very good (real life) friend recently started her own blog (I’d like to think she was inspired by my pure awesome, but I’m pretty sure the two things are unrelated) named A Mediocre Bunch of Boring. She raises an interesting question this week: Who Wrote the Rule Book on when women have to move from miniskirts, high heels and flirting with bar-staff to sitting at home in a house dress plucking hairs from their chins? It’s a great series of questions (I’ve provided my own answers on her site), and I highly encourage you to check them out and support a new blogger.

April of That Nolen Chick is a prolific blogger, writer, and mother of four kids. She’s always got something interesting to share, and this week was no exception. Check out her Eleven Things Not to Do — especially because it includes a quote about Sicilians and death….

Thinking about Valentine’s Day yet? (It’s tomorrow. Just in case you didn’t know.) Lily from Bedtimes are for Suckers shares with us her ideas for Valentine’s Day Hearts for Parents… Without the Bullshit.

Remember when children belonged outside and you didn’t need TV or the government to tell you that? Remember when we spent hours away from home and our parents only had the vaguest idea of where we were? Remember when you could go visit your friends and you didn’t have to bring your mom with you? Mommy Rotten brings a little nostalgia to the blogosphere this week when she asks Remember When…? I loved this post — and it definitely got me thinking about the lack of freedom our own children have these days.

Remember when going for ice cream was just going for ice cream? A single or a double in a sugar cone? Tracy of Sellabit Mum remembers those days before we had the choice of 352 TV channels and 58 types of mints at the CVS check-out lane. Sure, it’s nice to be able to choose between the 5,789 pairs of black pumps available online, but what effect does that have on our children? In Tracy’s words: I Blame our Ungrateful Society on Baskin Robbins.

Kvetch Mom is also asking questions. In her case, the question is: How many two year olds get attached to a marble? Look, as someone who has had to listen to a similar cry of “AQUEEN! AQUEEN! WHERE YOU, LIGHTAQUEEN!?”, I completely empathise with her situation. And really, don’t we all have those stories of odd things our kids get attached to? (In Big Brother’s case, it’s been everything from a paper airplane to a snow globe.) Check out The Marble and Other Unsafe Lovies.

Don’t you just hate it when your children use your own rules against you? Yeah, me too. But sometimes it’s just so darn cute. Tricia from Critters and Crayons details just such a moment when her four-year-old daughter said, “Mum, You Need to Invite Dad to the Peace Table.”


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18 responses to “Monday’s Top 10

  1. Claire

    You wrote about my blog! I love you!! Thanks Jo.

  2. Good collection of links. I commented on Aly’s and Billie Jo’s posts. In both areas I’m in the minority. Oh, well. 🙂

  3. debut dad

    Nice list there, I especially love the Critters and Crayons post! The peace table at McDonalds was awesome!

  4. Aly Hughes

    Aw, thank you for mentioning my blog alongside a lot of great ones. I especially liked the Baskin Robbins one!

    • You’re welcome — I loved your more recent ‘vs’ post as well, and choosing between them was quite tricky. I’m hoping that people will check out the rest of your blog when they click through, too. 🙂

  5. I’ve only looked at a couple because now I have 114 emails (I left my house for two whole hours) and it’s going to grow by the blogs I just followed after reading this. Kvetch Mom’s post is hilarious (and the follow-up one on tampons is even better), also loved your friend’s post (I’m a woman who loves anything written about chin hairs), and the no bullshit valentines were priceless.

  6. WOOO double dose!

    I have to agree that the ice cream situation has gotten way out of hand. Do you have Marble Slab where you are? You pick an ice cream (flavored), and then they mix toppings right into the ice cream on a super-chilled slab. It’s about $8 per person without getting terribly fancy. Tastes good, though, and at $8, it’s a “luxury” most can afford. Still! I’m appalled at myself for wanting to go there.

    • That sounds like Cold Rock — either it’s the same place with a different name or the same concept. Either way, I just get confused by the sheer volume of choices, and wind up either saying “I’ll just have plain vanilla” for $7, or winding up with something that tastes revolting.

  7. Haha! In Australian, “Mom” turns to “Mum” haha! Thanks for including my little blog. We’ve been so sick over here- but this morning I was thinking in my sinus haze….isn’t Jo’s blog usually about 5? And, wait? Did I miss last week’s? Totally didn’t connect the two. Dangerous stuff this sickness. 🙂 I can’t wait to check out the others on your list. 🙂 Thanks, Jo!!!!

  8. Oh Jo, sometimes I hate you. I’ve had tab after tab of blogs I need to read open for days…now I’ve added more.

    I’m seriously cursing you right now.

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