Tuesday’s Top 5

Have you ever written a post and then wondered why you haven’t had any comments on it, only to discover that you forgot to hit the ‘Publish’ button and it’s been sitting as a draft for almost a whole day?

Yeah, me neither.

On with this week’s Top 5.

Anthony Lee Collins is one of the most regular commenters on my blog, and an incredibly interesting person. He’s been writing in the same world, with many of the same characters, for the last 22 years, and he does so in an incredibly interesting (and unusual) fashion: he posts each chapter online as he writes it. This means that he is writing novels in a serialised format. I’ve long been interested in his process and his reasons for writing this way, and this week my curiosity has been assuaged. The always-amazing Laura Stanfill hosted Anthony Lee Collins for a guest post titled Writing and Publishing Fiction One Piece at a Time.

I’ve recently come across an interesting new blog called Already Not Published. The author (I’m afraid I haven’t come across her name as yet) has a great post about unintended meanings in fiction. As she says: “The meaning that was intended, the messages the writer wanted to impart are secondary. Once you put it out there, there’s no telling what people will read into your words, what messages you have unintentionally portrayed.” Check out the whole post: Ride the Lightning.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your core values are? Ever tried to write them down? Kim “The G is Silent” Pugliano wrote about Core Values this week when she tried to help a friend and found herself thinking, “I don’t even know what my core values are; how am I supposed to identify hers?  What the hell ARE core values, anyway?” As always, Kim’s post is funny, touching, and a all-around great read.

If you know anything about Bridget of Twinisms, you know that her life is one long, wine-fuelled adventure after another. So when she went for a nice, quiet dinner at her friend Christin’s house, it should come as no surprise to find that things weren’t quite as peaceful as she would have hoped. Midway through the meal, the smoke alarm informed them that carbon monoxide levels in the room were at dangerous levels. Read all about Bridget’s Deadly Dinner to find out what happened next.

Janelle, the resident Renegade Mother, has a sense of humour that I can’t help but love. When she recently read the Occupy Wall Street Official Statement, the first thing that occurred to her about it was that many of the statements could so easily be applied to the way children behave in the home. So she brings us the official Occupy Single Family Homes with Children statement, which includes such gems as:

  • They have sold our privacy by telling inappropriate facts about our family to their friends’ parents, mostly in the form of what mommy said to daddy last night, without concern for what that behavior may do to our future as respectable figures in the eyes of the community.
  • They determine economic policy without concern for our savings, selfishly eating obscene quantities of food every.freaking.day, outgrowing their clothes on a regular basis, and demanding character-building activities such as sports, music, and social events, which they enjoy for 3 weeks and then refuse to attend.
  • They keep tight control of the media by demanding the same freaking book every single freaking night and requiring us to watch shows that don’t say “fuck.”


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11 responses to “Tuesday’s Top 5

  1. Thanks for the pick! Of course, the great advantage of people reading the post today is that they also get to read all the interesting comments from yesterday. I’m sure that was your plan. 🙂

    The “Already Not Published” blog looks interesting, and I loved that post. I could tell some stories about where rock lyrics come from. 🙂

  2. Worth the wait! Off to read all the posts. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Appreciate it, and on my way to read the other posts. This is a great idea to feature posts like this…

  4. Thanks Jo, will reveal my secret identity, Bel here, aka alreadynotpublished, I’m currently tripping around NZ on holliday and my internet is patchy, but I’ve seen the comments etc. that have come from your post! Thanks for making me part of your Tuesday top 5!!

  5. Thank you for including me again!! I had more to say…when I first tried to leave this comment. I hope this one works!!

  6. This is great! I don’t know how I missed it back in early March! The last one had me cracking up! You must be busy, Jo! I haven’t seen your posts! The smoke alarm during Bridget’s dinner was awesome. I know she was blogging in her mini-van when that happened. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure Bridget views everything that happens in her life through a blog filter. She’s awesomesauce. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed these links, and sorry for disappearing. My next post explains where I’ve been. 🙂

  7. dawnalicelifelovetarot

    Jo, I was revamping my old website when I came across that wonderful interview we had a year or more ago, which led me to Google you. I’m so pleased I did as your blog is so refreshing. I could stay up all night and soak in your words, but I won’t. Why? Because I have taken advice from you and will spend it with my husband … the man to fall in love with … again!
    I’ll be back!

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