Mid-Year: Time to Review Those Goals

Back in January, I set myself a series of goals for 2012. Since the start of July is halfway through the year (and a new financial year in Australia), it seems like a good time to officially review how I’m tracking with my goals, and adjust them as necessary. So, with no real ado at all, let’s get into it.


Novel A (hereafter referred to as TNT#1)

  • Complete first draft by 30 April.

I’m not even going to go any further. I didn’t succeed in this, and so certainly didn’t/won’t succeed in the other goals based around TNT#1. There are a few reasons for this, the two most notable being that (1) I found myself “stuck” on plot elements back in February and have only just figured them out, and (2) I took a break from all things computer-related back in March — including writing, as it turns out.

I’m not really disappointed in this. I’m just as enthusiastic about my manuscript, and feel in a stronger position to write it now. So I’m officially revising my goals to the following:

  1. Complete the first draft of TNT#1 by 30 September.
  2. Revise and rewrite TNT#1 based on feedback from Round 1 beta readers by 31 December.

Novel B

  • Research and plan Novel B by 30 May.
  • Begin working on first draft of Novel B before end of year.

I haven’t done any real research into this novel, although it’s still bouncing around in my head. It’s gaining strength and momentum in there, which is great. I’m confident that I will begin working on this first draft before the end of the year, so will simply revise the first part of this goal.

  1. Research and plan Novel B by 31 October.
  2. Begin working on first draft of Novel B before 31 December.

Social Media

Obviously I stopped pretty much all social media for 3 months, which wasn’t in the plan. But, all in all, I’m quite happy with this falling into a secondary place in my priorities. In fact, I’m so unconcerned by it that I’m officially removing it from my list of goals.

Short Stories

  • Post 26 flash fiction stories on my blog.
  • Submit 6 short stories to fiction markets.

Well, I’ve so far posted two (yes, two) flash fiction stories this year, and submitted no stories to fiction markets. I’d say that’s a big, fat fail on this front. Still, there’s still six months to go. I’m not actually going to adjust these goal at all — I’m just going to actually start working towards achieving them!


My goal for this year was simple: Read 50 books.

So, how am I go? Well, when I look at my handy dandy book tracker, it tells me that so far this year I’ve read 38 books.


Somehow I think I’m got this goal covered.


My other goal was to lose another 8kg (17lb) this year. So far, I’ve lost about 4kg (9lb), which is about perfect. I’ve swapped from using my potentially homicidal Wii-Fit for exercise, to a kids dance game on the Wii that gives me a great cardio workout whilst simultaneously making me look like an ungraceful gallumphing git. So, you know, it’s win-win. Kinda.

Revised 2012 Goals

  1. Complete first draft of TNT#1 by 30 September.
  2. Revise and rewrite TNT#1 based on feedback from Round 1 beta readers by 31 December.
  3. Research and plan Novel B by 31 October.
  4. Begin working on first draft of Novel B before 31 December.
  5. Post another 24 flash fiction stories on my blog by 31 December. (For total of 26.)
  6. Submit 6 short stories to fiction markets by 31 December.
  7. Read another 12 books before 31 December. (For total of 50.)
  8. Lose a further 4kg (9lb) by 31 December. (For total of 8kg.)

How are you tracking with your yearly goals? What changes/revisions/adjustments have you made?

** For a while, I was posting notes on each of the books I read — not so much a “review” as details of the book and my opinion of it. Did anyone actually read them? Did you like them? Or were they a waste of time/space that I could be doing something else — like reading more books?


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9 responses to “Mid-Year: Time to Review Those Goals

  1. Hm. Goals. Well, one goal was to refrain from editing my mystery story book this year. (other than fixing typos). So far, so good.

    I guess it was a goal to write my novella Stevie One, and that’s done (for now — I’m sure there will be further editing if I decide at some point to turn it into an e-book).

    I had a non-time-specific goal to try reading Against the Day again when it came out in e-book form (if it ever did) and it did, so I am. Trying, at least.

    Also, I understand taking a break from working on a project because you’re stuck on plot points (that’s certainly happened to me), but I’m not seeing why not having a computer is a factor. 🙂

    • Sounds like you’re doing well with your own goals, too. Yay for you!

      And also: bhhpppppttt! Yes, yes, writing longhand, blah blah blah. Just hand me that keyboard.

  2. Whoah! You’re serious about this writing thing! That’s great! I’ve pulled back a ton on social media, too- And I want to work on my weight as well…..I should be setting some goals myself! Good luck on yours!

    • Goals and goal setting are the best. We were encouraged to do it as kids and teenagers, and it’s just one of those things that I do without really thinking about it. I like to compare goal setting to a coach training a football team. It’s all very well to teach them the skills and the techniques and then send them out to do their best, but if they don’t know what they’re aiming for — if they don’t know where the GOAL is — they’re never going to win.

      (Just make sure you set SMART goals, rather than ones like “I want to lose weight”.)

  3. That’s not a bad start to filling out the list! Especially on the weight loss, that’s one that trips most people up. I’m still running a mile a couple mornings a week, but I’m not doing 100 push up and crunches everyday anymore. I tell myself it’s because it’s 110 degrees out, but it’s because I’m lazy.

    Good luck on the draft. I don’t know how people with kids write books ever, at all. I can barely get a draft done and my housemates are completely capable of feeding and clothing themselves. . . they don’t, always, but they can it is, more importantly, not my job to make them.

    I’ve got a similar short story goal, and I have exactly zero excuses from having not made it. I post to my blog, but I haven’t submitted any to publishers at all. A couple rejections don’t keep me from writing (but as I mentioned already on here somewhere) they sure do take the wind out of my submission sails.

    And never forget, if you meet all your goals, it means you’re falling short of your potential!

    • Wow — 100 push ups every day makes you a superhero in my book. I was doing 100 crunches every day, but somehow that fell off the radar in favour of horrendously bad dancing. Perhaps I should start it up again.

      I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t know how people with kids write books either. I often can’t even remember how to spell my own name at the end of the day, and it’s only got 2 letters. But if I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

      LOVE that last statement!

  4. I’ve done one of these mid-year reviews for myself, too. Funny, now that I think about it… but I don’t remember seeing people doing these last year. Either me not remembering or something’s in the water.

    I’m in roughly the same place as you, at the moment, which is “Achievement: NOT UNLOCKED”.

    • Yeah, I don’t remember them from last year, either. I know I didn’t do one. But then, I hadn’t set out my goals in such a public way, either.

      The best thing about goals is that you can adjust them when there are reasons to do so. Both of us have prioritised family over writing for the last six months, and that’s not a bad thing. Here’s to a fruitful second half of the year for both of us!

      • Yeah, it’s likely I’ll always prioritize family over writing. That’s just the nature of who I am. But the Home Project that’s kept me and Dear Wife busy has an eventual end, so hopefully yes, the second half ot the year will be more productive writing-wise. 🙂

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