A Parent’s Creed

A few days ago, The New Yorker ran an article titled Why Are American Kids So Spoiled? If you’re a parent (or interested in parenting), I highly recommend you click through and read it. The article considers some of the parenting behaviours prevalent in modern America (and, I would argue, many other countries in the Western World — Australia included) that are leading to the growing phenomena of “adultescents”, and compares these behaviours with the parenting techniques of other cultures.

The article was brought to my attention by Tricia of Critters and Crayons fame. She posted the link on her Facebook page with a general ‘What do you think?’ to the masses. Rather than fill up her FB comments (any more than I already had), I decided to write a blog post with my thoughts.

But really, how many people want to hear my long-winded, ranty opinions on modern parenting techniques? Sometimes even I don’t want to hear them. So I thought I’d take a different approach.

I give you:

A Parent’s Creed 


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15 responses to “A Parent’s Creed

  1. Sharing your photo and your post, Jo! Love it!

  2. shared on C&C page and pinned to Motherhood and Growing Older boards. 🙂 http://pinterest.com/pin/15270086207242393/

  3. I’m going to print this out and blow it up wall-size and get a smaller version tattooed on my hand. Awesome!

    • Highest praise ever. Thanks so much — I might have just dragged my husband to the computer and made him read your comment while grinning from ear to ear, but I admit to nothing.

  4. Excellent, excellent words, Jo. I lost count of the times I informed my DDs that their only “rights” were a roof over their heads, warm clothing, food, and love…everything else was a privilege to be earned. I’m pretty proud of how they turned out. 😉

  5. As I read it out loud, Noah gathered his belongings and attempted to leave the room. I will be printing it and hanging it in his room. He just told me, “I didn’t listen to it because I don’t care.” Joe sent him to his room. I feel I have won.

  6. S Geysen

    The difficulty lies in the chids understanding.

  7. Love this! My mantra for the years to come (something tells me they don’t get easier to handle after all…!) Well done Jo!

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