Kids and Kitchens

Have you ever wondered what Little Brother gets up to while Big Brother is asking me life and death questions, making up fairy tales , and driving me crazy? Well, I stumbled across Little Brother a couple of days ago after he’d just unpacked half the kitchen cupboards on to the floor.

This is what happened next.


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10 responses to “Kids and Kitchens

  1. So I’m watching, waiting for something to break…then I think, Jo is so much cooler than I am! Look how much fun he’s having, so inquisitive, so cute! He’s not going to break anything….

  2. How can he be so clearly be his Mother’s son (organising and re-organising) at only 18 months??? You are so much braver than I am, I still don’t even let Mathilda near glass let alone Henry!!

  3. I was like, “She must have given him all plastic. Why don’t I hear Jo telling him to WAIT! STOP!”? He is so very organizy. I love it. He’ll be a lid putter-downer for sure.

    • That was about the eighth time on that day alone that he’d decided to unpack the kitchen cupboards and carry glasses and crockery around. I was so sick of interrupting him and taking things off him and putting them away that I decided to see what he would do. (While sitting a metre away, it must be said, so I could stop him smashing himself in the face with a broken glass. Because that’s not something you want to have to explain to the paramedics.)

      When that glass broke, he just sat there looking shocked for about 3 minutes. I picked up the glass from the floor and took the rest of the glass out of his hand, and he still hadn’t moved. Clearly that wasn’t what he’d intended. And you know what? He hasn’t tried to play with the glassware since.

  4. I think he has a career as a sommelier.

  5. ruhroh! And the film stops as mommy rushes in!

    • As it turns out, I could have kept filming. He just sat there looking stunned for almost 3 minutes. But, you know, you don’t want to have to explain to the paramedics, “Yeah, he stabbed himself in the face with a broken glass. But it’s okay, I filmed the whole thing.”

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