You Know You’re a Blogger When…

5. …someone asks how your day was and your answer includes the number of page-views, likes and comments on your blog.

4. …your friends and family have been known to look at you nervously and ask, “You’re not going to write about this on your blog, are you?”

3. …your child falls over, breaks something, or does something crazy-silly and the first thing you do is take a photo for your blog. (Then you go help him.) 

2. …you immediately race in to rescue your child when he falls over, breaks something, or does something crazy-silly and then spend the rest of the week cursing yourself for missing the photo op.

1. …you see a friend for the first time in months and when they ask what you’ve been doing you look confused and ask, “Don’t you read my blog?”


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12 responses to “You Know You’re a Blogger When…

  1. onemorethingkp

    Haha this is so true!

  2. ava

    Hahaha! This made me think of those times when people you are not so close to, tell you they’ve read about your funny post last night! Definitely one of the nicest surprises having a blog, well, aside from meeting the coolest persons that is. 🙂

  3. Yes, the site stats. How I enjoy obsessing over site stats.

  4. I met an old friend yesterday, who is my Facebook friend as well, and she asked me if I only had two kids, then asked me if my son was in kindergarten. I wanted to hit her over the head with my laptop!

    • Ha! I would have felt exactly the same way. 🙂 This list was inspired by meeting up with a friend (and Facebook friend) I hadn’t seen in 3 years and continually having to stop myself from answering every question with, “Don’t you read my blog?”

  5. Is that stats page screenshot real? If so, WOW. How often/normal is it for you to get 3,000 hits in a day? I’ve now been blogging for close to three years (so it looks like my all-time hits are higher than yours), but my best day? Less than 400 hits, and getting anywhere even over a 150-ish in any given day is a true rarity for me. The vast majority of days sit somewhere between 20 and 50 hits.

    You do seem to have quite a bit larger community of followers here, though. Makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong…

    And then of course I remember as a dad and with a full time job and trying to be a writer, I don’t really have time to do blogging “right”. So I should be grateful for the few followers I do have.

    • Yeah, it is real, but I kind of “cheated” — I was Freshly Pressed a few months after I started blogging. I had just over 3000 page views on the day I was Freshly Pressed, and that also attracted a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t have seen my blog at all.

      I average generally hit 50 – 100 page views a day, except for Sundays when I’m closer to 25 (since I don’t post on the weekend anymore).

      I’m not really sure what, if anything, I’m doing “right”.

  6. I had to laugh out loud. If someone I don’t see all that often asks me how I’ve been or what I’ve been up to, well, you know what I say….

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