Date Night, Domain and Diction

Saturday night was date night.

It’s eighteen months since my husband and I last escaped from the evil clutches of our children and ventured into the Big, Wide World on our own. We had the opportunity on Saturday night. We’d arranged for my mother-in-law to stay the night so we could go out with another couple whom we rarely get to spend child-free time with. Unfortunately they had to cancel. Something about contracting adult croup and being too sick to get out of bed or something.

Rather than cancel our night, my husband and I got dressed up purty and took the train into the city. We hit our favourite Korean BBQ restaurant for dinner, then walked down to a dessert bar for sweets and a “Make Your Own Boozy Hot Chocolate”. Yumm-o. By that stage it was all of about 10:00pm and way too early to head home. So off we went to The Elephant and Wheelbarrow — a great bar with a live band, a dance floor, and  ridiculously expensive drinks. Win!

Two hours of dancing and drinking later, we called it an early night and got the train home. (I really wanted to stay out later, but it had also been 18 months since I had an excuse to wear my favourite three-inch heels, and my feet were killing me.)

A great night was had by all. (Except our poor friends, who were sitting miserably in front of their TV eating 2-minute noodles.) I even grabbed the camera out to take a rare picture of the two of us all dressed up!

…but apparently I’m strangely incapable of taking any photos that don’t revolve around the children.

On Sunday I sat down to write today’s post and… came up completely blank. It’s not that I was hungover — hardly, I’d only had seven or eight drinks all night — I was just tired. And my feet were sore. And I felt like I’d done some kind of super-workout that I’d promptly forgotten about. So I put my post-writing on hiatus and instead decided to tackle one of those things I’ve been meaning to do forever but somehow never get around to.

I bought a domain. Yay!

(Alright, it’s not that exciting. But give me a break. My feet are sore.)

My blog address is now, although WordPress assures me that the old address ( will automatically be redirected here. Nevertheless, if you feel like updating your bookmarks/links/whatever, it’s probably not a bad idea. I believe that all subscriptions will continue without any hiccups, since I’m still using WordPress as my host.

I then organised a new email address using my domain name, and felt like a bit of technological guru for five minutes.

And that’s about as much as I accomplished on my day-after-date-night.

So I leave you with my favourite quote from Big Brother this week, since he’s probably more amusing than I am today:

“My friend at school doesn’t say ‘yellow’, he says ‘yewwow’. I don’t know why he says ‘yewwow’ instead of ‘yellow’. It might be because he can’t talk pwoperly.”

Also, I’ve decided to extend the “Win a Copy of Wordary” competition for one more day. Apparently there was some kind of worldwide sporting event going on over the weekend and it was distracting a lot of people. So if you have acess to a Mac, you like word games, and you’d like one for free, please get over there and leave me a comment post haste!


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9 responses to “Date Night, Domain and Diction

  1. Aha, the new domain name explains why I had to approve your comment this evening. But I did indeed receive the usual emailed version of The Happy Logophile. Congratulations on your new address–I’m sure you’ll be very happy in your own URL.

  2. Date nights, while infrequent, are much fun. Yours sounded great. I’m getting ready for my first weekend out without child and husband. It’s going to be strange and I’ll likely have to stop myself from cutting up my friends’ food into safe, chewable bites.

  3. I remember when I bought my domain!!! And then I moved over to dot org and thought I was the coolest thing since ice cream. And then I got a cool theme as a gift and then someone helped me with a nifty header and I still have almost no followers but I LOVE IT!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I wonder if I should subscribe again. I will, and if you see me there twice, remove me from that old blog where we didnt’ know your name.

  4. If you weren’t hung over you definitely didn’t party pwoperly on your date night!

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