Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy…

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen this picture I posted on Sunday.

(If you don’t follow me on Facebook, why not?)

This happy little grey butcherbird has taken to spending his mornings on our back patio, singing happily and watching us as we enjoy the spring weather. The boys love it. Every morning they race out of the house and look for the birdy. They ask me constantly if they can feed it, pat it, and take it inside to keep it as a pet forever and ever. Of course, none of those things are any good for the bird (or them!), but that doesn’t stop the boys from asking.

Little Brother is particularly fond if the little butcherbird. So on Monday morning, he was excited to come out of the house and find our butcherbird sitting, not in one of the trees, but on the back of a chair.

“Birdy!” he said, pointing excitedly. “Birdy!”

“Yes, birdy,” I agreed.

“Birdy!” Little Brother watched him quietly for a long minute, then raced over to the garden and picked up a leaf. He carefully walked back to where the bird was perched and held the leaf up towards the bird.

“Leaf, birdy.”

The bird looked at him.

Leaf, birdy.”

“Leaf, birdy.”

“Leaf, birdy.”

When it became apparent that the bird wasn’t going to fly over and eat the leaf, Little Brother took a careful step sideways and lay the leaf on the table. Then he took a step backwards and pointed at the table. “Leaf, birdy.”

The bird looked at him.

“Leaf, birdy.”

“Leaf, birdy.”

After another few failed attempts at “Leaf, birdy.”, Little Brother cast around for another idea. On the other side of the paved area he spotted a bright red bucket.

“Bucket!” he yelled and raced over.

“Bucket, Mummy.”

He grabbed me by the hand and led me over to the tap. “Bucket, Mummy!”

“Would you like some water in the bucket?” I asked.

“Bucket, Mummy.” He pointed at the tap and then the bucket. “Bucket, Mummy.”

We filled the bucket with water, and then he carefully carried it back to the chair where the bird was still watching him. He put the bucket of water down near the bird and took a careful step backwards.

“Bucket, birdy.”

The bird watched him, nonplussed.

“Bucket, birdy.”

“Bucket, birdy.”

“Bucket, birdy.”

Strangely, the little fellow didn’t immediately swoop down and have a drink of water from the bright red bucket. But Little Brother was unperturbed.

“Bucket, birdy.”

“Bucket, birdy.”

“Bucket, birdy.”

Until finally, he’d had enough. Clearly, the bird needed to be encouraged to have a drink.

Little Brother took a careful step forward and rested his hands on the chair. He looked up at the bird and grinned widely.

Then he shook the chair as hard as he could. “BIRDY!”

Tell me it’s not just me who has to deal with this!


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9 responses to “Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy…

  1. Ha! How about right now?
    Mom, no more stickers? No more stickers! No more stickers? Mom, no more stickers? No more stickers, Mom? No more stickers?
    God, it hurts just to type.

    • I hate it when they repeat the same thing over and over and over. Makes my ears bleed.

      Wait until you start telling your three that you’re not Momma anymore because you’ve changed your name…

      • Momma Be Thy Name

        Oh, I already do. “Mom?” “Mom’s not here.”

      • Ah, you’re cleverer than me, then.
        “Nope. I’ve changed my name. No Mummy here.”
        “Oh. What’s your name now?”
        “I’m not telling.”
        “Is it Susan?”
        Etc etc etc

  2. Little Brother is awesome. Ha! He’ll get the attention of that silly bird yet!

  3. I’m just surprised the bird sat there for this whole ordeal. It makes me wonder what the bird was thinking?

    I assume the bird flew off after the chair shaking? How did Little Brother take it?

    • I think maybe the bird was thinking, “I don’t eat leaves, you ridiculous small child. I eat meat and cheese and freshly baked bread.”

      The bird did fly off, but surprisingly, he was back half an hour later. Little Brother was fine — he went back to his more normal task of tormenting his older brother.

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