Where’s the Inspiration?

I’m not feeling very clever today. Not funny, or witty, or even … you know… that word where you know exactly what words to use to express the way you’re feeling. You know the one?

Eloquent? Maybe.

Whatever it is, I’m not feeling it.

I’m not feeling happy. But I’m not feeling sad, either.

I’m not excited or enthusiastic or inspired. But that’s okay. Because I’m not angry or frustrated or grumpy.

I’m just… nothing.

Do you ever have those days? Those days where everything seems like too much effort?

“Did you have a good day?” my husband asked when he woke up this afternoon. (He’s working night shift at the moment.)

The question was a simple one. Really it was. But I stuttered and stammered and could barely answer. “I… Uh… Ma…In… Well… Er… I don’t know.”

I didn’t have a bad day. Nothing terrible happened. There were no disasters.

But nothing particularly good happened, either.

I dropped Big Brother at school and took Little Brother with me to do the grocery shopping. We shopped, raced home, had a bite to eat, put away the groceries, and then went back to the school to collect Big Brother. We drove home. I tried to write a blog post. Once. Twice. Three times.

They all sucked.

I deleted them.

Nothing else happened.

But when my husband asked if I had a good day, I wanted to burst into tears and scream, “I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!”

Take what?

I don’t know.

I can’t really explain it.

But then, I’m not feeling very clever today.

Suggestions on how to get my mojo back are welcome.


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13 responses to “Where’s the Inspiration?

  1. I feel like this sometimes too, Jo. In fact, I felt like this last week. It was kind of a ‘nothing’ week. It’s really hard to pull yourself out of those days and the way I pulled myself out of last week was to make a massive decision. On Friday night I decided to leave work and go back to the country. My last day at work will be 2 November and now every day I’m looking forward to and working towards that goal. The days are now going incredibly slowly for me, but I’ve got a goal and I think that’s what’s pulled me out of my ‘nothingness’ feeling. I’m sure you’re not going to make a lifechanging decision like this, but setting your mind on something certainly rips that ‘nothing’ feeling away 😉

  2. This is a common experience for me. Sometimes exercise kicks me out of it; sometimes wine.

  3. Well, if I knew how to get the mojo back, I’d probably have mojo myself. So, such as it is, I have no mojo-retrieving suggestions. Sorry.

  4. I do not think your mojo has actually gone; I believe you have stopped seeing what is there.

    I had the feeling some days after I was made redundant for the first time.I found that having a scheduled boring routine task to do each day worked for me. Because it was boring (scrub the sink, &c.) I did not expect to feel happy during it. Once it was finished I got a little buzz from achieving it and my inner critic could not call the day wasted.

    I still have hours when I feel hollow, but I am in the habit of doing something even when I feel drained so once it has passed I regain my perspective and realise my efforts were better than I thought.

  5. learningtobesuperwoman

    I completely understand. I have those days too when I’m under a lot of stress. I find that when it happens, it’s best for me to take the day to rest, pray, and rejuvenate. Maybe read a book or watch a movie. Just doing something that I enjoy that doesn’t take a lot of effort leaves me feeling rested and ready to take on the world again. Of course, sometimes I just have to go to bed and try again tomorrow. Sleep can cure many ailments. 🙂
    Good luck, Jo.

  6. I’m going to fall back on someone else’s suggestions, i.e. this short video giving 29 ways to stay creative.

  7. Sleep. When I feel like this it’s usually a lack of sleep or restless sleep. Have a glass of wine and knock off early the next couple of nights.

  8. And with that a perfect post. Bravo, my friend!!!!!

  9. read books! watch movies! explore! go out on a date with your hubby! do things that you’ve never done before. maybe even take a break from writing and let the inspiration come to you. don’t force it

  10. I completely get the feeling! When in your scenario I usually opt for a book, preferably a new book. No poetry or non-fiction, mind you, just relaxing fiction. For me, movies are too passive and when I’m not feeling empathetic enough they just make me feel drowsy. Poetry or studies, my usual go-to boredom busters, have the opposite problem:far too much energy; after an hour if I’m not on the same page, I’ve retaine nothing. And novels I’ve already started share both problems–too passive AND I retain nothing! But a new book with a nice, early hook, mmm now that just perks me right up from apathy into total elation 😀

  11. Doc

    Your good days will out way your bad days.

  12. You make some excellent points.

    Inspiration must happen naturally.


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