Mostly Random Musings

I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been… I don’t even know how long since my last post. A week? Probably. Between getting ready for school to start, dealing with extreme weather situations, and coping with some other person issues, blogging hasn’t been on the forefront of my brain. And now that I’m here, I have so many things I want to say… and none of them are worth a whole post. So please excuse me while I share some random thoughts that have occurred to me over the last seven days.

  • Two years ago, we had the flood of the century rip through most of Queensland and leave hundreds of people homeless and possessionless. After much hard work, and the generosity of the community, most of those people managed to rebuild their lives. Last weekend, we had another flood. In some areas of Queensland, it was worse than others. Through Brisbane and the immediate surrounds, not so much. Still, many of the same people again found their homes underwater. My heart goes out to everyone who lost possessions, homes, and, most of all, loved ones over the last week. 
  • What is it about crazy weather that brings out the stupid in people? Seriously, who thought this was a good idea???
  • We were lucky and avoided any real difficulties in the flooding, wind, torrential rain, and tornado-laden storm. The worst damage we sustained was a couple of fallen trees in the back yard. And the first day of school for the year was cancelled due to a lack of power.
  • Big Brother cried when he found out. Literally burst into tears.
  • It was terrible to see him so upset and disappointed, but I have to admit to feeling secretly pleased that he loves his school and teachers so much that the thought of missing a single day brings him to tears. Is that wrong of me?
  • Meanwhile, the newest member of our family — Buddy the dog — has been settling in well. He’s cute and smart and loves the kids so much. Well… Okay, he is smart. Honest. Except for one little thing. He’s developed the habit of jumping up and sitting on our outdoor chairs. Like this:
  • 130130 - Buddy (1)
  • What’s so “not smart” about that, you ask? Well, while he’s happy to climb up on to the chair, he can’t get down. He just sits there and whines and barks for someone to rescue him.
  • Sometimes I get home and find him stuck on the chair, and I have no idea how long he’s been there. Ten minutes? Four hours? Who knows. You’d think he’d stop climbing up there, but no….
  • I’ve had to start laying the chairs on their sides at night, because there’s only so many times you can go rescue a puppy at 2:00am before you decide that something has to change.
  • And speaking of change, do you remember me talking back in December about scheduling time for creativity every evening? Well, it’s still happening. And it’s still working. Stay tuned next month for a post where I’ll talk about exactly how well it’s worked for me in the month of January.
  • Here’s a sneak peek: Even I was surprised by how successful it’s been.
  • And speaking of creative time, I’ve got about five minutes before it starts.
  • Peace out.


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12 responses to “Mostly Random Musings

  1. Glad to hear you and your family are well after the storms. Missed your posts. Glad to have you back.

  2. Man, the wild weather is super depressing.

    • You think hearing about it is depressing? Try being locked inside for three days with two stir-crazy kids and a puppy. (But that’s still better than losing power for a week, losing water, or losing everything.)

  3. your puppy is adorable!!! one week away? I have been having trouble finding the time to blog more than once a month since school started! haha!

  4. HI Jo, I’ve been following you for a little while now, since the whole book reviewers scandal!!! Anyhow, I never did tell you that my family (including the dog!) moved back to Canada after living on the Gold Coast / Brisbane and Mt. Tamborine for several years. In fact, we were married up there. My wife is British born, Aussie citizen as a kid and we met overseas and the rest is history. I’m the only one in our family who isn’t Australian, I’m Canadian, hence the move to Canada! But I am a permanent Australian citizen for life, so that should count for something! I really tried not to be long-winded, but I thought you should know this stuff so that I can tell you that I really can empathize with you and the crazy SE Qld weather. We left during the brutal drought of 2008, when the whole area was on daily water rations!

    In any case, you shouldn’t feel badly about missing some time from blogging. You are a master at it. I am not able to blog as often, as I’m getting some education on re-thinking my blog, as well as the fact that I’m fairly new at being disabled, so it limits my productive time. But I should never use that as an excuse. You are a great example to follow!!

    I was happy to hear from you again, and I’m glad that you and your loved ones are all ok and there was only a couple of fallen trees and a ‘smart’ puppy to deal with!!

    Here’s to hearing from you again, and for me to get off my ass (figuratively speaking) and get my posts on some kind of regular and doable schedule!


    ~ todd

    • Hi Todd, Thanks so much for your comment. I’m always blown away to know that people actually READ the things I write, and then hang around to see what I’m going to write next. So, thank you.

      Mt Tamborine is such a beautiful area, and was sadly hit hard during this round of floods. The Tamborine-Oxenford road was pretty much underwater, I believe. Not good at all. It really wasn’t all that long ago that we were on Level 6 water restrictions, worrying that we only had enough water in the reservoirs for another month before they would be empty, and now it’s just flood after flood. Crazy SEQ weather is right!

      Best of luck with your blogging. One of the reasons that I enjoy it so much (other than all the great people I’ve met!) is that it gives me a place to download the things on my mind in a constructive way. I’d certainly encourage you to set yourself a blogging schedule (even if it’s only once a week or once a fortnight) and stick to it. It can give you a great sense of purpose and rhythm. (At least, that’s what a schedule does for me.)

  5. Hey Jo, I’m so glad you and the family are alright. We only got the beginnings of that storm in Cairns and had some wind and flooding – but it seemed to get worse as it rolled down the east coast.

    I couldn’t access the video on this page (but that’s probably got something to do with my computer and not your video).

    Your dog is adorable! 😉

    • I wasn’t sure where your country retreat was located, Dianne, so I was concerned that it may have been somewhere in the firing line of the storm. It’s good to hear that you didn’t fare too badly either. Scary strange weather for all of us, though! (And thanks — we think our dog is pretty adorable, too. 🙂 )

  6. Even though Buddy can’t get down from a chair which he repeatedly climbs up on, he’s still smarter than the person driving that car through the flood!

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