Dramatic Tension Runs in the Family

Big Brother is five years old, and is a born storyteller if ever there was one. He makes up stories to tell to his brother. He makes up stories to tell to us. But his favourite thing is to create “puppet shows” where he can set the stage with his toys and then use them to make up a story. Then, it’s the toys who have the starring role.

Some days it’s a joy to listen to.

This is one of those days.


His story today went something like this:

Sir Silver and Sir Black are facing off on the top of a tower. There’s a dragon nearby, and a T-Rex across the river.

Sir Silver: You’ll never get away with this!

Sir Black: Haha! Yes I will! And now I’m going to kill you for NO REASON!

Sir Silver: Noooo! I’m going to hit you on the head as hard as I can! *bash*

Sir Black: *crying* What did you do that for?

Sir Silver: Because you said you were going to kill me.

Sir Black: But I was only playing a game. I wasn’t really going to kill you.

Sir Silver: Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were playing a game. Do you want to be friends?

Sir Black: Okay.

…and that’s when the horde of zombies attacked.

Do your children delight you with their storytelling abilities?


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10 responses to “Dramatic Tension Runs in the Family

  1. I have certainly read stories I enjoyed less; while the dialogue is sound, I feel it is the zombies that really make it.

    I do not have children. However, I have memories of telling stories with my toys.

  2. Noah never did that kind of playing. He would spend HOURS lining up his hundreds of matchbox and hotwheels cars end to end around his room, down the hall, into the living room, and then moving them one by one.

    NOW, he’s a big fat liar. It comes out of his mouth like nothing. They’re calling it impulsivity control.

    But that’s a different blog.

    • I don’t know that Big Brother has that kind of patience. He occasionally lines up all his cars, but then he either moves on to something else or he gets into storytelling mood when one car inevitably bumps another and they start arguing, and then it turns into a full-scale battle where each car is forced to take sides and line up against each other, while a small but determined group of cars tries to stop the pointless oil-shed.

  3. LOL! This brings back so many memories of when my children were young πŸ˜€ They were always making up stories and holding puppet shows. Brilliant πŸ˜‰

    • It’s so great to see, isn’t it? My sister very wisely said to me one day, “All children love stories and art and dance. But not all parents encourage them to keep loving it.”

  4. I love this! And, props to you Jo for documenting and saving the moment. Classic.

  5. Jackson tells a lot of stories about killing. Usually they involve killing me though, so they’re not so delightful.

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