Resistance is Futile: A Poem about Writing

“You don’t have to write,” I whispered to me.
“There’s dishes to wash and stuff on TV,
Books to be read, chores to be done,
You could even, perhaps, go out and have fun.”

“You don’t have to write,” I said with a smile.
“Just lay your head down and rest for a while.
The clock keeps on ticking, the day’s getting late,
Too late to be writing, too late to create.”

“You don’t have to write,” I said once again.
“There’s always tomorrow. Why don’t you write then?”
“I’m going to write,” me said with a smile.
“I’ll write every day, if just for a while.”

“The writing of words is ingrained in my blood.
Too long without writing, my soul turns to mud.
I’m going to write. Now get out of my way.”
“But wait!” I shrieked. “Must you start it today?”

“Tomorrow’s a good day for getting things started!
If you start it tomorrow, we’ll both be clear-hearted!”
But me interrupted, “I know you’re afraid.
You’re afraid, for a start, that we’ll never get paid.”

“You’re afraid that our writing will suck really bad.
You’re afraid that our story is complex and sad.
You’re afraid that our hero is secretly lame.
And there’s millions of others exactly the same.”

“You’re afraid that our plot is one clichéd mess.
You’re afraid that the romance is tragic at best.
You’re afraid that they’ll laugh when they read what we wrote.
Afraid that we’ll finish. Afraid that we won’t.”

“You’re afraid of what’s next when the novel’s complete.
You’re afraid to be published. Afraid to compete.
You’re afraid of which publishing pathway to choose.
Afraid that you’re secretly destined to lose.”

“You’re afraid of so much. I hear you. I do.
But I’m going to write. And that much is true.”
“Yes, but not now!” I screamed. “Not just yet!”
“There’s something important you must not forget!”

“Enough!” me yelled. “Now you leave me be.
Your procrastinating is not for me.
Your lame excuses are just a sham.
Resistance is futile. I’m writing. Scram.”


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25 responses to “Resistance is Futile: A Poem about Writing

  1. Cute, funny, and true on all counts.

  2. Ha! I love every word–you’re Dr Suess for grown-ups. Sophisticated, funny and terribly truthful. Lol.

  3. I love it, Jo! I might just print it and hang it over my desk. 🙂

  4. Absolutely wonderful, Jo. True, funny, and you got the meter exactly right!

  5. I’m with Nicole, I want to print this out and hang it. Wonderful.

  6. I started to read, and I thought, “This is cute.”
    For Jo’s brand of wit, there’s no substitute.
    But then I sat up, and I started to lean.
    My eyes were unblinking, locked onto the screen.
    I saw so much there, so much more than just “cute.”
    This poem is so moving because it’s astute.

  7. Absolutely excellent. I love the line about being afraid to compete. ‘Aint that the truth – well, for me, anyway. 🙂

  8. authormirandastone

    Reblogged this on Author Miranda Stone.

  9. LOVE this! Thanks for the laughs. It’s a poster-uper on my bulletin board.

  10. Spot on! Your rhythms remind me of Dr. Seuss (that’s a big compliment): all those bedtime stories clearly paid off! 🙂

  11. Brilliant! Stick with your writing Jo, whatever else you do. Bloody brilliant!

  12. Alex Hurst

    Would have missed this one, except it was reblogged elsewhere. What a fab post! I need to remember to check back here more regularly. ^_^ It’s a very sweet poem.

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