No Escape: A Poem

She waits.
In the silence of her room
And the silence of her mind
She waits for that which comes.

Like nightfall.
Inevitable, irrevocable
Insidiously innate
It creeps over her.

A curse.
It slides through her mind
It steals over her flesh
Destroying all it finds.

The end.
With unrepenting doom
It sinuously slithers
Closer – ever closer.

I yearn.
To take away this baneful curse
To save her from its pain
And see her free from harm.

Powerless to change her world,
Powerless to stand in the way,
Of all that she fears.

We wait.
There is no defence,
There is no escape,
From time.



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13 responses to “No Escape: A Poem

  1. Love this, has a definite Virginia Woolf feel.

  2. Nicole L. Bates

    I love this, Jo!

  3. authormirandastone

    Excellent poem. It evokes that visceral reaction we feel when considering the unstoppable passage of time.

  4. Love the image of in the silence of her mind – how powerful fear is, and there really is no way to free a person from their fears.

  5. Awesome! I really like this!!!)

  6. Reblogged this on gntonnik and commented:
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