2014: The Future’s So Bright…

It may be late, but never fear:
My annual goal-setting post is here!
I do this every single year —DCF 1.0
Post my aspirations here —
It always feels beyond compeer
(Not like my rhyming. Dear, oh dear!)
To know my goals and give a cheer
When my actions bring me near
To achieving something I hold dear.
I may even shed a tear.
But don’t you cry, oh reader dear.
My rhyme is done. My goals are clear.

My good friend Tonia has a theme for this year. #BeBravein2014

Being brave is something I always aspire to — sometimes I succeed more than others. But just knowing that out there in the world, there are other people doing their best to be brave is a beautiful thing.

In the spirit of being brave, here are my goals for 2014.


I am really pleased with this novel. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written. The manuscript is with beta readers at the moment, and I’m eagerly anticipating their feedback. My goal is to sell this book in 2014. But, since there are so many elements to that goal that I can’t control, let me be more specific in the actions I will take.

  1. I will edit and make revisions based on beta reader’s feedback.
  2. I will write the query letter of all query letters.
  3. I will query agents with all the tenacity of a puppy chasing a milkbone.
  4. When I (inevitably) have a moment of despair, I will remember Tonia’s theme and I will #BeBravein2014.

Unnamed Novel

I’m 500 words into my first draft with this as-yet-unnamed WIP. I love it already. (Don’t worry, the Honeymoon period will come to an end soon, I’m certain.) I’ve started it at the same time I started CST last year, and so I’m confident that, even if I have major life upsets this year, I can have it finished by 31st Dec , 2014. Specific goals and deadlines? I’m glad you asked.

  1. I will work on the first draft one hour a day, and have the draft finished by 30th June.
  2. I will give it a break, and then do a read-through and first revision.
  3. If necessary, I’ll do another round of revisions.
  4. I will send it to beta readers by 1st of January, 2015. (Even if, like 2013, it means working my fingers off until almost midnight New Year’s Eve!)
  5. When I (inevitably) feel like I’m not up to the task up completing this in time, I will remember Tonia’s theme and #BeBravein2014.

TNT #1

It’s over a year since I’ve looked at this manuscript. In that time, I’ve found my true voice, I’ve learned a LOT about who I am, what I write, and what I want the story’s focus to be. I love this story. It’s a story that spilled out of my heart and soul, bringing with it my joy in fairy tales, and my belief that stories can change the world.

This year, I want to get back to TNT #1.

So while I’m giving my Unnamed Novel time to marinate, I will start rewriting this story. I’m not going to give myself specific deadlines at the moment — it depends on too many other factors — but I’ll revisit and set them when I do my mid-year goal-setting post. Also, I’ll #BeBravein2014. (Are you picking up the common thread here?)

Other Exciting Things

I have a lot of other non-writing related projects happening at the moment, and a lot of my attention will be focused towards those. I’m in the process of starting two separate (and unrelated) businesses — one on my own, and one as part of a partnership. I’m also doing various other bits and pieces of freelance work, and trying to focus on the more visceral, physical work of gardening, home improvement, and learning how to be a country-dweller.

Plus, of course, I have two beautiful boys who take up a vast majority of my time and my heart.

DSCN0796131022 - Max







2014 is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my fingers (and feel it in my toes).

What are your plans/goals for 2014? (Link to a goal-setting post if you’ve got one!)


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11 responses to “2014: The Future’s So Bright…

  1. I’m “just tickled”, as my grandmother used to say, for the mention. Thank you.

    I love your goals, I love you, and your bravery inspires me to put it all out there. Why the hell not?



  2. THe poem was fun to read. Hope you achieve the rest.

  3. Eschewing mere heroism, and barely being able to see bravery in the rear-view mirror, I have committed myself to writing 1 million words.

    • Wow. You million word challenge sounds exciting and terrifying — exactly what I look for in a challenge!

      Good luck with it. I look forward to hearing how it goes, and if it improves or detracts from your overall writing progress.

  4. Lisa Threadgill

    A Brave post about Brave goals. All in all, quite fitting for BeBravein2014!

  5. Hmmmm brave? Not sure I’m doing anything that would classify as brave. There’s been so many changes that I have had to deal with last year, not big ones not by any stretch of the imagination, but way too many of them and I have struggled in the latter part of the year, as my OCD made handling these changes difficult, which lead to sleepless nights, stress, and depression. So if there was any bravery on my part it’s just to have the tenacity to suck it up and deal with all these changes like an adult. πŸ™‚

    Having said that, I still did have time to write some goals though not an extensive list.


    • Being brave means doing something even when it scares you, and/or when it’s difficult. Finding a way to overcome and manage something like OCD is brave.

      Admitting that you need help to overcome depression is brave.

      Taking control of your life and making changes even though you know it will make things difficut on you, is brave.

      Being brave doesn’t mean donning your shiny armour, picking up a sword, and charging off to lead an army to victory. It means doing little things every day that scare you a bit.

      The goals you’ve set are great (although you don’t have any real control over how many blog hits you get per day — you DO have control over how often you post and how polished/consistent your content is), and if you work on them every day — even when they scare you a bit — then you are well and truly on the road to #BeBravein2014.

      Good luck. Live true.

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