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Did You Know…

Did you know that ‘Did you know’ is currently Big Brother’s favourite phrase? Did you know that he can carry on entire conversations where every sentence begins with ‘Did you know’? Did you know that every time I hear the phrase ‘Did you know’ it makes my insides quiver and my muscles clench?

Did you know that after dropping my husband off at work the other day, I had a twenty minute conversation with Big Brother that went something like this:

“Did you know lots of people have dogs as pets?”


“Did you know that dogs like lots of different things to eat?”


“Did you know dogs can live anywhere where there are trees?”

“I suppose so.”

“Did you know that dogs can’t live in the Wild West?”

“Why not?”

“Did you know that cactuses are a type of tree?”


“Did you know that some cowboys are zombies?”


“Did you know zombies come from China?”

“Why China?”

“Did you know that some zombies are good guys and some zombies are bad guys?”


“Did you know skeletons are alive even when they don’t have any skin on them?”


“Did you know that when I lived with my four uncles in Dinosaur Land, we had to fight zombies and skeletons but my four uncles got killed and then a T. Rex came and ate the zombies and skeletons and then my four uncles were okay?”


“Did you know  the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the meanest dinosaur?”


“Did you know some dinosaurs have feathers?”

“You’re right, they do.”

“Did you know you buy pets at a pet shop?”


“Did you know some birds can be pets?”

Did you know, I was incredibly grateful to get home.


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