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Monday’s Top 5

Are you looking for a way to get the inspiration flowing and kickstart your writing? This week, Vivacia from A Wannabe Writer’s Blog brings you 20 Tips on Mugging Your Muse. She’s got a heap of different ideas, from Succeeding with Sneakiness to using Passion to Make Perfect, so there’s bound to be at least a few that appeal to you.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing I have a tendency to act out the scene as I go. I speak dialogue out loud, my own facial expression changes to match the way my characters are feeling, and, on occasion, I even stand up and act out the physical movements of my characters. (What would it look/feel like to do [insert action here]?) Billie Jo Woods talks about these things in her post this week, and wonders whether her writing packs a greater emotional punch when it makes her laugh or cry or cringe as she’s writing it. Go have a read: Please Pass the Tissues, Emotional Writing Happening Here.

If you’ve ever read any of Bridget’s posts on Twinisms, you’ll already know at least two things about her life: (1) Boxed wine is awesomesauce, and (2) Alaska sucks. (There’s also something about having two sets of twins or something… So hard to keep track of the little things.) So I was both amused and disappointed this week to discover that she’s been lying to us all along. And now she’s spilled the beans (with pictures and video footage to prove it.) Here’s Bridget with her confession: Alaska — Not Sucking.

This was a big week for Tracy from Sellabit Mum: She wrote and published her 1000th post. Yes, you read that right: One thousand posts. All I can really say is: “Holy dooley! That’s amazing!” (I apparently lost the ability to exclaim anything normal or interesting once my children were born.) Tracy looks back on the last four years, considers where she is now, and considers the question: I wonder if I’m really ‘just’ a blogger and not a writer.

On a more touching and sadder note, the lovely Worrywart wrote an amazing story about Ashlee. She may not have known Ashlee, but this post is full of passion and love. I leave you with this excerpt:

Several tables were set up. A small group of serious women served food from large foil containers. It smelled delicious. There were flowers lining the perimeter.

A wedding? 

Rounding the corner, ASHLEE was written in flowers. Her yearbook photo rested against a nearby shrub.

She was 17. She took her own life.


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Monday’s Top 5 (All Award the Blogging Train)

This week’s Top 5 is a little different. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR blogging awards. Clearly I’m a cross between a superhero and a rock star. So I’d first like to thank the lovely, talented people who bestowed these awards on me.

Speaker7 of the hilarious Ramblings and Rumblings gave me the Liebster “ham steak” Blogging Award.

Both Emerald Barnes and Happiness After Heartache awarded me the Liebster Blog Heart Award.

Mayfair Mum passed on the Tell Me About Yourself Award.

Thank you to all four of you. (And I thoroughly recommend everyone jumping over and checking out these four blogs. They’re all awesome.

In the spirit of combining these awards with my usual Monday’s Top 5 post, I hereby officially decree that the following 5 bloggers will receive not just fame and acclaim, but also the (newly created)

Tell Me About Your Liebster Ham Steak Heart Award.

On to the winners.

 Any muses out there listening? Just one small request.
A quick couple thoughts and then you can rest.

Click over to K. Marie Criddle’s blog for the rest of A Writer’s Plea. I guarantee you’ll love it.

Thinking of being a full-time writer? Connor Rickett gives the low-down on the (not so) glamorous life of a writer in his Short Bio of a (Thus Far Unsuccessful)  Writer.

D.W. of dwwriter has decided that, in between her writing over the next twelve months, she will also be Walking to Rivendell. Go have a read, and maybe you’d like to join her on her expedition — which she plans to celebrate with an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon. (You don’t have to be a writer to participate, just someone interested in a little LotR-inspired fitness.)

Elspeth Cooper wrote a fantastic response to the New Yorker’s article Dragon’s Egg – high fantasy for young adults. While she’s quick to point out that the original article is very well written, it insinuates (quite heavily) that all fantasy is for children. Elspeth’s rebuttal is well-crafted and to the point. Click through and have a read.

And on to less serious (and more hilarious) topics: Bridget from Twinisms had me laughing for over 24 hours straight with her Speak and Spell post. If you’ve got children, or you’ve ever seen children, go and have a read. *chortle* eat yoghurt with their hands…

Congratulations to K. Marie, Connor, D.W., Elspeth, and Bridget for taking out the first ever

Tell Me About Your Liebster Ham Steak Heart Award.

The rules:

  1. Add an extra word to the blog award name.
  2. Blog about it on your own blog.
  3. Pass the new award on to as many bloggers as you think deserve it.
  4. Or don’t. It’s a free country, man. Whatever.


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