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An Affair to Dismember

On Friday I packed Big Brother and Little Brother into the car after school and drove 500km (310 miles) to my parent’s house. (Sadly my husband had to work all weekend and couldn’t come.) Sunday morning, we climbed back into the car and drove home. By the time we got back last night, I was exhausted. It’s a really, really long way to drive for one day. Especially with two children and no other adults.

But we did it for a really important and exciting event.

Today is my Dad’s 60th Birthday. 

On Saturday the whole family (minus my husband) gathered to celebrate it in the only way we know how: with a loud, exuberant game, plenty of alcohol and not a lot of sleep.


We started the celebration with presents and a cake.

(The cake was delicious.)

One of the presents was the evening’s entertainment.

We’d chosen characters a couple of days in advance, and organised our costumes. (All except Dad. This was a surprise to him, so Mum had organised his costume for him.) Once dinner was mostly prepared, we all went to get ready. Then out came the drinks, the cameras, and the posing.

Allow me to introduce…

Glumda, the Wicked Witch of DePressed:

Dr. Angela Deth, Psychotic Dentist at Large:

Madame Garlique, the Flamboyant Clairvoyant:

Lizze Bordeaux, Goth and Bride-to-be:

The Mummy of King Aldrinktotat:

The Monster of Rogersandhammerstein:

and Hannibal the Cannibal:

With my husband unavoidably absent, we needed an eighth person. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to rope in a dummy.

(Big Brother was there too. He was dressed up as The Boy Who Really Wanted to Play But Was Forced By His Mean Mother to Go To Bed Even Though It Wasn’t Fair.)

We had a great time. We ate, we drank, we solved a murder. It took us until 2:30 in the morning, but by gum we did it!

(Also, we ate pavlova.)

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Sixty years young today.


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