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A Letter to my Son

Dear Little Brother, 

On the day you were born, you were so warm and small and sweet. I held you close and thought about the many ‘firsts’ you had before you.

Your first baths…

Your first smiles…

Your first full-body belly laughs…

Before I knew it you were mobile, disappearing around corners quicker than I could catch you.

You explored the house. (And made a mess!)

You ate sand at the beach.

And dirt in the garden.

And you did it all with a happy (and cheeky) smile on your face.

And then one day, you found your feet and stood up.

(Although sometimes staying on your feet is still tricky.)

And suddenly you’re not a baby anymore — you’re a little boy. 

But you’ve got plenty more ‘firsts’ to come. So keep on smiling!

Lots of love,



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