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Monday’s Top 5

Is it just me, or has it been a bit quiet in the blogosphere this week? Maybe it’s because people are still recovering from Halloween, or getting ready for Thanksgiving, or (if you’re like me) enjoying the beautiful spring weather and spending time outdoors. Maybe it’s because half the internet seems to be either taking part in NaNoWriMo or explaining why they’re not. Or maybe it’s just that Bridget of Twinisms has gone off on her Honeymoon, and while she’s sub-let her blog to a stream of talented and funny ladies, she’s not keeping up with her obvious first priority in life — entertaining the masses.

Nevertheless, there are some great blog posts around this week that you really must read.

In the only NaNo-themed post I’m sharing, Patrick O’Duffy talks about how to Disarm the NaNoWriMo trap. What’s the trap, you ask? In Patrick’s words:

The trap is thinking that NNWM is enough; that it’s the end of a process, rather than the beginning. That’s the spiked-pit-filled-with-piranha that leads people to spend the first of December slapping a crudely Photoshopped cover onto their just-finished manuscript, uploading the file to the Kindle Store and then wondering why no-one downloads it.

Stephen Watkins had a great post this week about Writing Prose as Poetry, where he recasts some of the openings of his short stories into lines of poetry by playing with line breaks. Not only is this a fascinating idea, some of his new “poems” are just fantastic. (I played with my openings, and wasn’t nearly as successful.)

Two of my favourite writers teamed up this week when Dalya Moon guest blogged on Alexis’s Bunny Ears and Bat Wings. For anyone interested in self-publishing, Dalya’s post about How to Get Book Bloggers to Review Your Book is essential reading.

Moving on to things non-writing related (other than the fact this is written on a blog), I give you Kim Pugliano’s philosophical statement: I’m a Mom, Therefore I Worry.

And finally, please go and read Abigail’s post Today a Telemarketer Made Me Cry on Oh My Words! I promise — if you cry, it will only be because you’re laughing so much.


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